Putin Set for Collapse Amid War as Ukraine Advances Against Russia on All Fronts

(Social media video footage snapshot showing a smirking Putin during a recent public address in which he once again threatened the West with nuclear weapons.)

Russia’s bloodthirsty tyrant, Vladimir Putin, is going to lose power and possibly even his life before his criminal war to conquer Ukraine ends.

There are “active” talks in Moscow as to who would replace him, according to a Ukrainian intelligence chief.

More Than 70,000 Russians Killed

It seems likely Putin could be targeted and brought down by even more extremist circles inside the Russian government because he is losing the war in Ukraine. This means his downfall would not come from pro-peace, pro-democracy, and pro-freedom factions.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has been a ridiculous humiliation for all of Russia.

Russia’s total casualties from the war in Ukraine – including the dead, wounded, and missing – seem to have surpassed 200,000, which was the size of the original invasion force.

(Social media video snapshot shows aftermath of a Ukrainian drone strike on Russian military installations in the occupied Crimean peninsula.)

He Just ‘Won’t Survive It’

More likely than not, Putin will not last past the end of the war in Ukraine. The Kremlin is seeing “active discussions” for his deposing and replacement, according to Maj. Gen. Kirilo Budanov, head of the Ukrainian military intelligence, as cited by The Daily Mail.

According to Budanov, Russian ruling circles right underneath Putin are growing more and more frustrated with his failure in Ukraine.

He said the inner circles in the Kremlin are trying to hammer out a deal as to who would be installed in Putin’s place as Russia’s next dictator.

In his remarks, Ukraine’s military intelligence chief Budanov pointed out about 40,000 heavily armed Russian troops remain on the right (western) bank of the Dnipro River, in and around Kherson, a Ukrainian city of about 300,0000 people.

Ukraine has been gearing up for an offensive to liberate the Kherson region in the south for months now. In September, it routed Russian troops in the east, liberating vast swaths of land in the Kharkiv region, some 800 miles to the east.

Budanov said the war is likely to end when Ukrainian defenders reach the country’s 1991 borders; this could occur at the beginning of 2023.

That would mean Ukrainians would have to liberate not just lands the Russians occupied this year, but also all of the Donbas region and Crimean Peninsula that Putin seized during his first invasion of Ukraine back in 1991.

Regardless of what happens, however, Budanov predicted it was “unlikely” Putin would “survive” the war, politically and even physically.

Budanov’s forecast means the Russian tyrant could be gone in months, even weeks. However, whoever gets to replace him could be even more brutal and aggressive.

The prediction came with Russians on the defensive along the entire nearly 1,000-mile-long frontline. There are military installations in the Black Sea port of Sevastopol in Crimea, the seat of the Russian Black Sea fleet, suffering a Ukrainian drone attack.