Putin’s Chechen Brutes Sweep Ukrainian City in Fierce Hand-to-Hand Battle

(Snapshot from social media footage of Chechen fighters in Mariupol shared by their warlord Ramzan Kadyrov shows a brute who has seized a young Ukrainian child)

One of the most feared militias of Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin – the Muslim Chechen fighters – has been dispatched to try to crush the defenses of Mariupol.

Mariupol’s citizens and defenders have been on their last legs after being besieged by the Russians shortly after the invasion began on February 24.

The Latest Horror in the Hell of Mariupol

The horrors of Mariupol have been unspeakable.

Russians repeatedly lie about allowing the evacuation of civilians, including thousands of children, only to start bombing the evacuees shortly after the promised ceasefires start.

In another unspeakable atrocity, Russians bombed the maternity hospital in the city, killing a number of people, including pregnant women.

Then, earlier this week, in one of the most notable Russian atrocities so far, the Putin hordes bombed and razed to the ground the Mariupol theater where more than 1,000 children and women were hiding in an underground bomb shelter.

To make the war crime ever more nauseating, Ukrainian civilians wrote in huge letters on the ground, on both sides of the theater building, the Russian word for “children,” hoping this would make their shelter safe from Putin’s bombs.

Friday appeared to be a fateful day for Mariupol. For the first time, Putin’s troops reached the center of the city; the defenders were engaged in desperate, hand-to-hand battle with the ruthless invaders.

(Snapshot from social media footage of Chechen fighters in Mariupol shared by their warlord Ramzan Kadyrov)

Chechen Mass Murderers Seizing Little Kids from Their Mothers

The specialty of the Chechen brutes is to terrorize and torture civilians in urban warfare.

Earlier, during the very first week of the war in Ukraine, Putin sent Chechen fighters to capture or kill Ukraine’s courageous leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

However, Ukrainians managed to ambush and obliterate an entire Chechen column of 56 tanks and kill their commander, a close ally of warlord Kadyrov.

However, the footage published online by Kadyrov on Friday showed another Chechen detachment in heavy fighting with the Ukrainian defenders in the city of Mariupol, as the Muslim fighters are sweeping it house-to-house.

The video in question is clearly meant for propaganda purposes and presents the Chechen brutes as “liberators” of Ukraine from the non-existent “Nazism” there, as Putin has been lying to his population, to the dismay of the world.

In the footage, several Chechen brutes can be seen “rescuing” young Ukrainian children as they come out of a building basement holding the horrified kids who were probably snatched by the murderer from the hands of their mothers.

Knowing the inclinations of the Chechens, the mothers could have been gang-raped inside the building at the time of the filming.

That’s not even considering what kind of a fate the poor, defenseless little kids are now going to have at the hands of Putin’s war criminal monsters.