Putin’s ‘Son’ Calls for Nuclear Strike in Russia’s Failing Ukraine War

The threat of the use of nuclear weapons in the Russian invasion of Ukraine just increased.

Ramzan Kadyrov, head of the autonomous Russian Muslim Republic of Chechnya, also known as the “spiritual son” of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, called for a nuclear strike against increasingly victorious Ukrainians after another rout of Russian invaders.

Putin’s Favorite Warlord Gets Even More Hawkish

Kadyrov, a hardcore Putin loyalist, known for the extreme brutality of his rule over the Chechens, played mostly a propaganda role in the Russian invasion of Ukraine so far.

In his latest social media appearance, on the Telegram messaging app, the Chechen warlord insisted Russia has got to take “more drastic measures” against Ukraine, such as attacking it with “low-yield nuclear weapons.”

He also called for the declaration of martial law in the Russian regions bordering Ukraine, as cited by The Daily Mail. Kadyrov’s latest nuclear war demands come after Putin himself already made such threats to the West.

Nuclear War Scenarios: America Bound to Step In

While Putin has been playing the nuclear war threat card since at least 2007, his nuclear blackmail appears to be scaring western governments and nations far less. That’s since he invaded Ukraine and the war exposed the ludicrous condition of the Russian military.

A number of recent reports in major US media outlets revealed the US government made it clear to Putin and his inner circle that any usage of nuclear weapons by Russia would be met with devastating consequences.

The two nuclear war scenarios that are considered to be available to Russia are the small-scale usage of tactical nukes against Ukraine and an all-out nuclear war with the United States and its allies, which threatens to destroy humanity altogether.

While the latter is a doomsday scenario, the former could be undertaken by Putin in order to try to scare everybody into submission. In that case, however, the US government reportedly vowed to strike Russia itself, albeit with conventional rather than nuclear weapons.

Ramzan Kadyrov’s new call for a nuclear attack on Ukraine comes after an incessant string of Ukrainian victories over the Russians in the eastern part of the country, the latest one being a Russian rout in the strategically important town of Lyman.

The humiliating rout in the liberation of Lyman has been described by some reports as Russia’s biggest direct military defeat in 80 years, since the beginning of the Second World War.

Meanwhile, the total Russian manpower losses have risen to some 100,000 regular, proxy, and mercenary troops killed in action, along with some 60,000 more wounded, captured, and missing, according to various estimates.

The latest estimate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense shows for the first time the number of regular Russian troops killed in action has surpassed 60,000; close to 14,500 units of Russian military equipment have been destroyed so far.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.