QAnon Reportedly Latching Onto Elon Musk

Many Americans have, at the very least, heard about QAnon. The group claims to receive secret messages in code from various political leaders, such as former President Trump.

Furthermore, it has been QAnon’s view for quite some time that Trump is fighting an evil, Satanic cabal.

This same group alleges the former president is eventually going to be reinstated back into the White House, despite the fact there is no legal or constitutional basis for this to happen whatsoever.

According to Yahoo News, the shift of Twitter coming under the new management of Elon Musk is now causing QAnon to read into certain things.

Plot Twist: QAnon Meets Elon?

Very recently, Musk put out a post reading “follow the white rabbit.” This has led to many QAnon believers now claiming Musk is sending them coded messages about ongoing events in society.

On Telegram, a QAnon account alleged that Musk’s recent commentary on Twitter indicates that he’s laying the groundwork for Trump’s reinstatement into the White House. This same account also said that Musk is now “an Anon.”

According to individuals in Musk’s inner circle, he’s not a QAnon believer, but he doesn’t mind playing into certain things in order to garner attention.

As for Musk’s own views on QAnon, he reported wrote “LOL” in an email when questioned about his views on the conspuracy group.

Red Meat For Musk’s Critics

Regardless of what Musk may think or believe about QAnon, claims of him energizing the group have turned into red meat for his critics.

Folks who were never pleased with Musk acquiring Twitter, in the first place, are now alleging that he’s riling up conspiracy theorists.

Some of Musk’s critics have also chosen to delete or stop using their Twitter accounts as a form of protest against him. The new Twitter owner’s decision to reinstate accounts that were banned by the platform’s previous higher ups has also come under fire.

At the end of the day, it remains to be seen what comes next for QAnon or which statements the group chooses to intepret as coded messages. Some supporters of Musk have warned he cannot control what QAnon does or does not choose to read into.

However, those with an ax to grind against Musk will surely not choose to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. Notably, the majority of Musk’s critics are those with left-of-center politics.

What do you think about how QAnon is choosing to interpret various statements and tweets from Elon Musk? Do you believe it is fair for Musk to take blame over QAnon’s beliefs and interpretations?

You’re more than welcome to let us know your views on all of this in the comments area below.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.