Rapper YG Bullies, Shoves Fan Who Won’t Shout “F*ck Donald Trump!”

"YG" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by 5sr

The left-wing prides themselves on being the party of love, tolerance, and so-called progression. What they won’t tell you is that this love, tolerance, and interest in progress only exists when someone agrees with them. The instant that someone fails to fall in line with what leftists want, they become nasty, vicious, and even violent, in the worst-case scenarios.

As a new week kicks off, rap star YG is making headlines and it’s not for a good reason. Over the weekend, the rapper invited a young, unnamed fan on stage and when this fan refused to scream “f*ck Donald Trump,” YG shouted for him to get off the stage.

Reports from The Daily Caller News Foundation report that YG saw no issue with first pressuring this fan and then later embarrassing him when the latter wouldn’t curse the president.

Everything You Need to Know About YG’s Bullying

The events which transpired were actually pretty disgusting and this rapper ought to be ashamed of himself. In footage of the incident, YG is seen ordering this fan to scream “f*ck Donald Trump.” As the rapper does this, he also points out that the young man’s family is watching.

Apparently, YG also talked with the fan prior to inviting him on stage; the rapper noted that when he asked his fan whether or not he supports President Trump, the fan stated he didn’t know.

Following YG’s order to scream, “f*ck Donald Trump,” the young man shakes his head and steps back a little; he’s clearly nervous and uncomfortable, especially as the audience of YG fans are idiotically screaming and booing him.

At this point, the rapper screams at security to remove the fan from the stage; video footage also shows YG pushing the fan as he walks off.

The Intolerance of the Left

The left-wing and the Democrat Party should look no further than themselves when discussing bigotry and hatred. Leftists have no problem bullying and humiliating anyone who dares to think differently from them, especially if that thinking involves supporting President Trump.

This young, unnamed fan is a hero. He didn’t cave in front of pressure, a famous rapper, or a crowd of brainwashed fools who blindly support a bully. This fan may have gotten booed on stage and bullied by a rapper, but he stood by his convictions and that’s admirable. Other folks should take note and never allow themselves to be pushed into doing something they’re not comfortable with.

At this time, YG’s Instagram and Twitter feeds are full of messages from conservatives and others who are censuring his behavior over the weekend.

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