A World of Chaos and Woke Madness

Why does the world appear to be in such a state of chaos right now?

There are two main causes behind this. The first is our society has been inundated with improbable assertions. The second factor is the pace and volume with which they arrive, which is mostly due to social media.

Twitter Saga

The rationale of why everyone is so enthusiastic about Twitter right now, and why Elon Musk is purchasing it, is that Twitter has contributed to our society’s brain fry.

Whatever the subject, Twitter will have disturbed individuals much more than they needed, saying incorrect things at the maximum possible pitch and velocity.

It all starts with the most fundamental elements of our universe. What is the first item that everyone is aware of?

It’s probably whether they’re a boy or a girl, in my opinion. What would be the first question that everyone has for new parents? “Will it be a boy or a girl?”

However, we then entered the Age of Insanity.

Weirdo professors who used to be restricted to their research at Berkeley (if not elsewhere) declared that males and girls didn’t exist.

They maintained that sex was a “social concept” or a “perform” issue. That allegation would not have gotten out of the asylum if it hadn’t been for social media. However, in the age of Twitter, it was widely disseminated.

People on these platforms began to refer to folk’s “sex assigned at birth,” as if medical professionals in the country’s delivery halls do not simply watch the infant and applaud the couple on their newborn baby.

No, these individuals pretended that medical professionals in America’s birthing facilities just made a guess about the child’s gender at random.

For example, “I find myself saying this one is a girl. Oh, I dunno, let’s all just say it’s a boy,” for example.

Nothing could be more absurd than this. However, it became entirely commonplace on the internet. As a result, the craziness spread.

Lia Thomas

The case of American triathlete Lia Thomas is well-known. Personally, I prefer to be courteous and refer to people by their preferred names.

I’m not worried about what someone wants to call themselves. Thomas, on the other hand, was born a guy, appears to still have his masculine characteristics, and appears to still date women.

Now, I don’t want to be obnoxious or conservative. Someone with a penis who dates girls, on the other hand, is a dude. He’s a heterosexual dude. Even if he does feel a little feminine each time he dips into the pool, I’m not convinced he should be participating in women’s sports.

What I just said is correct. On social media, however, it has been made unsayable. For referring to Thomas as a man, sites like the wonderful satirical site The Babylon Bee had their Twitter accounts banned.

Even worse are the other social networking sites. Even if you don’t “misgender” Thomas, if you criticize him on Facebook, your post will be erased because it violates the platform’s “community guidelines.”

Take a moment to consider that. You must not only accept that the individual with a penis is a woman, but you are also forbidden from doing anything but celebrating that person.

College sports, of all, are not the most essential point on the globe, except for the kids who participate. However, that incident serves as a reminder that in today’s environment, anything might drive us insane.