Records Broken at the Southern Border

Border Patrol officials in the Del Rio sector captured a group of much more than 100 immigrants after they unlawfully crossed from Mexico. Officials say the group included Cuban and Venezuelan migrants.

Biden’s Biggest Achievement So Far

Del Rio authorities shared a photo of a big gathering of migrants detained by Eagle Pass Post officers on Twitter. According to the post, a group of Venezuelan and Cuban refugees entered the country illegally on Wednesday morning.

According to authorities, agents apprehended the individuals and took them to a border agents processing center. On Tuesday, authorities in the sector reported nine further smuggling attempts.

The total number of people captured in these human trafficking attempts was not disclosed by officials. “Most of these traffickers are professional criminals with prior convictions for felonious assault with a lethal weapon, aggressive and violent family contact, a runaway from some other jurisdiction, and DWI,” according to the tweet.

The Del Rio sector seems to be the second busiest of the nine border police districts in the Southwest. Authorities captured roughly 215,000 immigrants in the first 11 months of Fiscal Year 2021. This marks 533 percent growth over the same time period in Fiscal Year 2020.

Record-Breaking Numbers

The border is off to a historic beginning for Fiscal Year 2022, according to an insider. Per the report, Border Patrol detained over 90,000 immigrants in the first 18 days of the fiscal year, surpassing the 69,049 seized in October 2020.

Upwards of 12,000 immigrants were detected in Yuma in 18 days, according to the report. Only 788 people were arrested in that area in October 2020, a rise of about 1,400 percent.

The increase in data may also be seen in other parts of the southwestern border. During the early weeks of Fiscal Year 2022, upwards of 26,000 people were caught in the Rio Grande Valley.

Due to the massive flow of migrants to detention facilities, many immigrants want to cooperate in the hopes of receiving a rapid release.

In just 18 days, the amount of apprehensions in the Rio Grande Valley rose by approximately 50%, compared to the entire month of October 2020. Throughout the middle of October 2020, 17,619 people were arrested in that sector.

On a daily basis, more than 5,000 immigrants are encountered around the country. More than half of the adults are unmarried. Per the source, family units are the second largest population.

According to Breitbart Texas, less than 600 people were quickly deported to Mexico under Title 42’s COVID-19 emergency order. More than 11,000 immigrants detained in Yuma were handled through established legal channels.

This allowed families and lone migrants to seek refuge. According to the source, most are allowed into the U.S. as they await prosecution. The apprehensions recorded by immigration officials were at an all-time high in Fiscal Year 2021, which concluded in September.

Customs and Border Protection has yet to provide an official total of individuals apprehended; unofficial numbers given to Breitbart Texas by a high-ranking DHS source reveal agents and CBP officers apprehended nearly 1.96 million people countrywide.