Red States Need to Fight Back Against Boycotts

It’s no secret there’s a partisan war in our country. It’s not only between red and blue states, but also between urban and rural, rich and poor.

Americans cross party lines in all sorts of ways, but state governments are trying to take advantage of the division in the country by slapping on boycotts.

In particular, we’ve seen how woke corporations and leftist state governments are trying to punish and exclude red states from enjoying prosperity and inclusion in the union.

The right response is for red states to form an anti-boycott block of their own.

Case-in-Point, California Governor Gavin Newsom

Recently, Gavin Newsom, governor of California, made a somewhat bold request. Newsom doesn’t want any more Hollywood movies to be shot in states where anti-abortion laws are strict, like Oklahoma and Georgia.

Despite recently vacationing in the very red state of Montana, Newsom wants California businesses and government employees to boycott red states and stay away.

Meanwhile, down in Georgia, Stacey Abrams has been filling her own gubernatorial campaign with threats, saying if states don’t get along and change their laws, there will be no room for businesses like Hollywood studios to come shoot movies.

Doing her part to support the far left, Abrams’ point is crystal clear: she wants to overturn the will of the people of the state of Georgia and pressure them back into reinstituting open abortion laws.

These kinds of boycott tactics used by the left have only one effective response: united solidarity in opposition to them.

Remember North Carolina in 2016?

Those who think back to it may recall when the state of North Carolina in 2016 approved limited access to bathroom use by biological gender.

This step was seen as an attack on transgender people since it didn’t recognize gender shifts; it made the left go berserk.

Leftist states like California put boycotts on North Carolina, limiting state government travel. The late-night hosts foamed at the mouth with fury.

Let’s be frank that this whole set of boycotts is not to meet the wills and needs of most of the American nation. Rather, it’s a dirty game for the benefit of corporations and politicians that want to pressure and punish states to get their ways.

If the red states want to survive and thrive economically, they will need to stand as a united front and boycott blue states as well.

They will also have to act like Florida does and encourage people who are not happy living in blue states to leave and bring their tax dollars with them.

Every Action Generates a Reaction

It is worth mentioning that every action generates a reaction and boycotting the wrong people can backfire badly.

Look at the case with Disney and Florida. The woke corporation decided to start threatening the Sunshine State and got hit with all sorts of punitive reactions. They’re now thinking better of their behavior.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.