Reduction of New York Population Could Threaten State’s Political Power

"New York State Route 31" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Dougtone

New York has had quite a run in 2020.

The state continues to implement one shutdown after the other; although, reported surges of COVID-19 are still very much an issue.

Earlier this year, Andrew Cuomo, New York’s Democrat governor, came under fire for mixing nursing home patients with individuals who tested positive for coronavirus; this decision reportedly contributed to New York’s COVID-19 death rate. Although, the New York governor still has yet to answer for this decision.

“Welcome to New York, State Route 2 Near” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Ken Lund

For quite some time now, residents with the means to leave New York have done so. Now, according to Washington Examiner, the massive flight could impact New York’s number of seats in the House of Representatives.

The Slow Burn of the Empire State?

Between the months of July 2019 and July 2020, over 126,000 individuals left New York; this indicates that significant problems existed in the state long before COVID-19 struck. In fact, information from the U.S. Consensus Bureau actually confirms that New York’s overall population has been progressively diminishing since 2016.

Since the number of seats in the House of Representatives is determined by states’ populations, New York is at serious risk of losing two seats; meanwhile, red states like Florida, Texas, and others are on the path to increasing their current number of seats. Such changes of this nature would certainly impact political dynamics and power across the nation.

Why Americans are Fleeing New York

For quite some time, the Empire State has faced criticism for its extremely high taxes.

Many Americans don’t especially care to be taxed to death; this is a major contributing factor in why the state is rapidly losing so many residents. The added COVID-19 shutdowns and strict guidelines that infringe upon residents’ civil liberties also aren’t helping the situation.

For years, Republicans warned that high taxes are not the way. The GOP has also consistently maintained that astronomically-high taxes only drive away the people and job creators that are most valuable to communities. Thus far, Democrats are continuing to embrace sky-high taxes, hence the plethora of individuals fleeing blue states.

At this time, there is no sign that the trend of residents leaving New York will change anytime soon.

What do you make of the steady decline of New York’s population? Do you believe the state’s taxes and COVID-19 responses are contributing factors? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!