Remorseless Andrew Cuomo Gets Back to Public Life

Former disgraced governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, who resigned after a sexual harassment scandal, announced to come back into public life after one year of his resignation.

In an eight-minute video clip, Cuomo stated he learned new perspectives about politics, life, and people during the last year in which he was forced to remain out of public office.

Andrew Cuomo Back in Action

During his video, Cuomo announced the start of a weekly podcast, which, according to him, will work in a different way than traditional podcasts.

The former governor said he wants to talk with “you” in his podcasts, but he did not reveal how it would be possible in a pre-recorded video.

In addition to that, Andrew Cuomo also announced his plans to start a new Political Action Committee (PAC) that would be dedicated to electing the right people to public office.

While Cuomo did not name any person whom his PAC would support, he indicated he is backing those candidates who can endure the toughness of being a politician.

Cuomo believes America is in need of finding leaders who can take the heat that comes with public life. Reportedly, Cuomo still maintains a balance of $10 million in his campaign account, but it remains unclear whether he would use that money to start a PAC or not.

However, the disgraced former governor did not issue any apology to his accusers and still tried to maintain his innocence in his latest video. Cuomo further noted he saw ugly times, so he finally decided to move forward to focus on important things.

Likewise, Cuomo slammed his fellow Democrats for not bringing any meaningful legislation on gun control. So, the former governor continued, he is now starting an anti-gun project after the failure of the Biden administration to bring gun reform to America.

As per Cuomo, Biden recently delivered an anti-gun speech, but Democratic senators are not introducing any legislation for an assault weapons ban in the upper chamber of Congress.

Both Cuomo Brothers Start Their New Gigs

After his resignation as the New York governor, Cuomo is expected to make his first public appearance on Saturday. He will go to The Bronx to help a Hispanic organization that supplies aid to the victims of Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico.

Last year, Cuomo was forced to resign when he faced inevitable impeachment as New York State Democrats turned against him.

At least 11 women accused Cuomo of sexual harassment and uninvited touches, but Cuomo established that he never tried to harass any female. All five criminal cases against Cuomo have been dropped, due to the lack of evidence.

Cuomo is returning to public life at a time when his younger brother, Chris Cuomo, who was fired from CNN, is also starting his new job at News Nation.

Reports suggested Chris Cuomo was getting $6 million a year on CNN, but he has to compromise on a salary of $1 million a year on News Nation.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.