ReOpen GA Protest Set for April 24 at Georgia State Capitol

"American flag" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Indiana Public Media

In the state of Georgia, less than 700 people have died from coronavirus. In a state of ten million residents, this means the COVID-19 death toll is less than 0.0007%. Yet, the state remains under a shelter-in-place order as countless Georgians lose their jobs, businesses, and livelihoods.

The numbers of this virus don’t add up to the current response; this is why ReOpen GA — a group dedicated to restoring the state’s economy — will be protesting at the Georgia State Capitol on Friday, April 24. Thus far, ReOpen GA has over 21,000 members on their Facebook group page.

As of this writing, 1.2K people are listed on the group’s events page as “interested” in attending ReOpen GA — Operation Gridlock; meanwhile, 400 people are currently confirmed as “going” to the protest.

A Closer Look at the Upcoming Protest in Georgia

Georgia is joining many other states across the nation in protesting against tyrannical shutdowns. Anytime the government can doom workers and business owners to financial disaster by citing their bill-paying jobs as “non-essential,” serious change is paramount.

On ReOpen GA’s Facebook page, they are very clear about what they stand for. The group is urging Gov. Brian Kemp to reopen the state no later than May 1, 2020. Furthermore, ReOpen GA maintains that the loss of small businesses severely damages the state’s economic backbone.

The group also notes the lack of sustainability of shutdowns, while urging individuals who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 to “[isolate]” and “[protect]” themselves in additional ways. It’s also important to remember that of all coronavirus cases, 80% are mild while more than 90% of people who contract the virus recover from it.

Upholding the Constitution in the Era of Coronavirus

The upcoming ReOpen GA protest is not the first rally against shutdowns, nor will it be the last. Pennslyvania is set to protest against shutdowns in their state later today; likewise, North Carolinians will protest tomorrow.


Despite coronavirus, our constitutional rights still remain. The cure has already become worse than the problem when 22 million people are out of jobs in this country. Last week, the Trump administration put forth an initiative to begin gradually re-engaging our nation’s economy in phases; likewise, some governors have expressed an interest in gradually reopening their states.

Will you be attending the ReOpen Georgia Protest at the State Capitol on April 24? How long do you think Gov. Kemp will wait before reopening the state’s economy and allowing Georgia’s small business owners and workers to return to their jobs? Let us know in the comments section below!