Rep. Jim Banks Runs For Majority Whip As New GOP Super PAC Backs Him

A new super PAC led by Trump friends is supporting Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) in his bid to become the forthcoming House majority whip if the GOP regains the majority in the House next year. 

The American Leadership PAC, which raised over $2 million since its founding in September, supports candidates and party members who share his beliefs. 

Electing Republicans 

Andy Surabian, the group’s chief strategist and a former aide to Steve Bannon and Donald Trump Jr., stated the organization is “proud to do our part to elect Republicans.”

It views Banks, who leads the Republican Study Committee, the most prominent conservative coalition in Congress, as an influential member for the future of the Republican Party. 

According to him, Banks is one of the most influential political and intellectual figures of the new conservative party. He understands, unlike several others in Washington, D.C., how President Trump improved the Republican Party. 

He said they are pleased to play a role in electing Republicans who share Banks’ vision of a working-class Republican base willing to defend conservative principles against the dictatorial left. 

While Banks is not directly connected with the organization, as Federal Election Commission regulations restrict members from collaborating with outside PACs, the Indiana Republican lauded their efforts to elect conservatives. 

According to Banks, this is yet another significant effort to regain the House majority and he appreciates American Leadership PAC’s work. He is doing all in his power to help oust Nancy Pelosi and replace her with Kevin McCarthy as speaker.

Disclosed Reports

Axios first disclosed the PAC, which Surabian is co-leading with strategist James Blair, is expected to invest in the upcoming November elections for Jennifer-Ruth Green in Indiana’s 1st District and North Carolina’s Bo Hines running in the 13th Congressional District.

It will also likely invest in Eli Crane in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional Seat, along with Reps. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) and Mike Garcia (R-CA).

According to a source close to the efforts, Banks’ ties to the conservative organization and his strong friendship with the Trump family, notably Trump Jr., could offer him an advantage in the contest for the highly prized whip position. 

National Republican Congressional Committee Chair Tom Emmer (R-MN) and Chief Deputy Whip Drew Ferguson (R-GA) are also publicly campaigning for the position in what members described as a neck-and-neck race, with each contender securing support from different sections of the conference. 

Another of the Indiana Republican’s apparent failings in the campaign for the leadership job, according to the source, has been his fundraising figures, compared to those of other candidates. The new PAC may alleviate concerns about his fundraising ability. 

Due to his tight contacts with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and others in Trumpworld, they feel he might serve as the link between management and the conservatives, which will be crucial for the whip.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.