Republican Groups Push Back Against Pelosi’s Pro-China Drug Plan

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Keeping jobs and opportunities here in the United States is something that Democrats have struggled with on a regular basis. Their policy proposals are simply not in keeping with preventing American jobs from being shipped abroad.

Right now, President Biden is in the middle of working to push the corporate tax rate to an astounding 28%. The president needs this to happen in order to pay for all the spending proposals he wants to be put into law; however, U.S. jobs will suffer as a casualty.

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However, Biden is far from the only Democrat seeking to give foreign nations an advantage over the United States. As Fox News reports, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is now working to give the Chinese government total control over U.S. prescription drugs.

Republicans are thankfully pushing back against this in full force.

No Deal to Chinese Control Over U.S. Prescription Drugs

Many Americans today rely upon prescription drugs for their health, wellbeing, etc. However, if Pelosi and Democrats get their way with H.R. 3, U.S. citizens will be forced to rely upon China for prescription drugs.

Already, China bears at least partial responsibility for the spread of coronavirus. Meanwhile, China also poses a threat to the U.S. economy; hence, outsourcing the production of U.S. drugs is the last thing any of our nation’s leaders should be thinking about.

Sadly, however, this is the agenda of the House Speaker. Republicans with the American Action Network (AAN) have therefore vowed to devote a collective total of $5 million to an ad blitz campaign warning about the dangers of H.R. 3.

Democrats claim that H.R. 3 will cause Americans to spend less money on drugs. In actuality though, H.R. 3 will only give the Chinese government immense power over the health and well-being of countless American citizens.

H.R. 3 and the 2022 Midterms

Many policy matters being debated between the left and the right will play a role in the 2022 midterm elections. The Southern border crisis, the debate on whether the federal government should manage state-run elections, etc., are a few examples.

However, the situation gets even more interesting once H.R. 3 enters the conversation. Speaker Pelosi’s plan to give the foreign government more power over prescription drugs is not the answer to lowering drug costs.

Republicans, by contrast, are supportive of lowering the costs of prescription drugs; yet, unlike Speaker Pelosi, the GOP has a feasible plan to make this happen. This plan ultimately entails boosting innovation in the U.S. market, something that will subsequently engender reduced prescription drug fees.

There is a difference between lowering drug costs here at home vs. shipping drug production over to a foreign government that is not our ally. With midterms on the horizon, American voters will be able to determine which strategy they’d like to vote for.

What do you think about H.R. 3 and the possibility of letting China produce U.S. prescription drugs? Let us know down below in the comments section.