Republican Senator Has the Perfect Comeback to Biden’s Lunatic Speech

Joe Biden’s Thursday night speech in Philadelphia will go down as one of the scariest in US history. It was an incitement to violence against conservatives and a line in the sand excluding MAGA Republicans from political life.

Whatever happens next, nobody will ever doubt the moment that the American left decided to escalate their assault on our values and their fellow citizens. This was it.

One of those citizens who didn’t like what he heard on Thursday was Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana. He had the perfect response to show Biden just how wrong and shameful he and his party are about MAGA Republicans.

Kennedy Puts Biden in His Place

The name Kennedy is something we generally associate with the American left and the Kennedy dynasty. JFK was the last Democrat who wasn’t completely extreme and still represented the old core of the pro-worker, pro-South Democrat party.

Whereas the modern Kennedy is none other than Senator John Kennedy, a smart and funny Republican man who likes to call out the left’s lies.

As Kennedy said, Biden wasted a huge chance to bring the country together and inspire us, instead using his time to further spread division and hate.

As Kennedy said, Biden’s speech proves “age doesn’t guarantee wisdom.” He’s got that one right. Biden’s old, but he didn’t get wise in the process; he just got even more stuck on the same ridiculous ideas.

Kennedy also added that Biden’s “stupid” speech was completely cynical and ignored the actual problems we’re facing.

Talking About the Real Problems

As Kennedy pointed out, instead of attacking “MAGA Republicans,” Biden could have devoted his speech to real problems faced by the whole country.

This includes the huge fentanyl and drug overdose crisis we’re facing, illegal immigration, the alarming rise in violent crime, the global challenge of China and Russia’s aggression, and the economic inflation that’s burying us.

Though instead of that, Biden and his globalist handlers took the easy way out: spreading hate and division to score political points with their base.

As Kennedy said, the “pigs” in DC need to be cleared out. It’s up to Americans to “save” themselves. A red wave this November certainly wouldn’t hurt, especially if it’s full of America First conservatives.

Biden’s speech may be an attempt to rally his base, but it’s also a chance for patriots to realize the leftist machine we’re up against and how serious it is about dragging this country down with lies and hate.


As Kennedy pointed out, MAGA Republicans love America plenty. They just don’t share Biden and the left’s vision for America.

Their only “extremism” is disagreeing with him. In America, that should be their right, but Biden and his regime seem to want to take that right away.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.