Republicans Are Sending a Powerful Message to RINOs

After months of infighting between moderate and conservative factions in the House, there’s finally a sign that Republican lawmakers may be able to come together on major issues.

This is according to a former communications director for the Republican Party, who stated the recent struggles with compromise are becoming an issue of the past.

Republicans Sending a Powerful Message to Anti-McCarthy Lawmakers

On Thursday, commentator Dough Heye was asked by CNN host Bianna Golodryga about the attempt of Kevin McCarthy to earn the speakership in January.

Heye answered, stating McCarthy’s speakership bid for the following Congress is looking good so far, despite attempts by some Republican lawmakers to prevent it from happening.

The Republican Party is sending a powerful message in its attempt to get in line with some conservative members of Congress who oppose McCarthy’s leadership.

With talk circulating among party leaders of removing rebellious lawmakers from their committee assignments, Republicans are making clear they won’t tolerate any friction within their ranks come January, when they take back control over the House.

During the interview with Heye, he sounds optimistic about the chances of McCarthy taking the speakership, stating the things occurring in the House are very interesting. He added they often hear how moderate Republicans attempt to flex their muscles.

However, it seems like every six months an issue arises wherein moderate Republicans talk about pushing forward, but in most cases, they don’t even know where to go. However, this time, it appears like it could be different, as they are more active and organized.

Moderate Conservatives sporting “O.K.” buttons

Heye noted there are a number of Republicans in the House who have been sporting buttons with “O.K.” initials meaning “Only Kevin.”

Yet, he continued that moderate Republicans are there for a long fight and the moderates are after the Freedom Caucus part of the conference.

On the one hand, McCarthy is hopeful that he gains 218 votes, the number needed in order to win the speakership. On the other hand, conservative supporters posed a question, asking what if McCarthy cannot get the required votes. The answer is no one knows.

Representative Dusty Johnson of South Dakota, a Republican who supports McCarthy for speakership, stated it is hard to beat somebody when there is nobody else that is running for that position.

Johnson added even if there is another candidate for speakership, that person is less likely to be in a better position than McCarthy.

However, the chances of McCarthy earning the seat are high and moderates will be in for a long fight if they attempt to go against him. Heye added the talk between conservatives and moderates is pretty significant and is a good sign for McCarthy.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.