Republicans Eager For DeSantis to Take the Fight to Trump

In a fashion that some are frowning upon, former President Trump continues to take various potshots at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Trump is doing this as DeSantis’ political stock grows and it looks more likely that he’s going to run in the 2024 presidential election.

Trump’s claimed that it’s disloyal for DeSantis to do anything other than affirmatively declare he won’t run for the White House. The former president is also now baselessly accusing DeSantis of being a “RINO,” a “globalist,” and more.

He’s even gone after various publications that have written positive pieces about the Florida governor.

Though amid all these attacks from Trump, DeSantis said when you’re an elected officeholder, being attacked means you’re getting things done. The Florida governor has offered very little (if any) direct acknowledgment of Trump, despite the latter’s antics.

According to The Hill, some Republicans are of the view that DeSantis needs to take the fight directly to Trump.

Only a Matter of Time?

Some conservatives in the Senate are saying that DeSantis should strike Trump now while the iron is hot.

Amid widespread views that DeSantis won’t announce a possible presidential run until May, there are those in the Republican Party who don’t like the wait between that time and now.

Those with concerns believe if DeSantis waits too long to get into the 2024 presidential race, a crowded GOP primary field could hurt him, yet be an asset to Trump.

However, other Republicans believe with DeSantis being governor and overseeing matters in the Florida state legislature, he’s still got an open window that will last him into the summer.

Some GOP members have also predicted that DeSantis is using his time between now and Spring 2023 to raise funds to truly go head-to-head against Trump.

Right now, the popular view is that once Florida’s legislative session concludes, Americans can expect DeSantis to declare his candidacy in the 2024 presidential election.

Moving With Strategy?

Within the GOP, there is also the perception that DeSantis is working to ensure voters outside of Florida get to know him as well as his state’s own residents do. This will be a huge asset to DeSantis if he does move forward with a 2024 presidential run.

On March 9, for instance, DeSantis will be in Alabama to speak at the state’s GOP winter dinner.

All things considered, it does appear as though DeSantis is preparing to take the fight to Trump. The million-dollar question, however, is: when will this fight begin?

Do you believe Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is getting ready to run for president? What do you think a DeSantis vs. Trump battle will look like in the GOP 2024 primary race? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.