Republicans Increasingly Opposed to New Gun Control Restrictions

"President Trump Departs the White House" (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

Gun control has been proven by time as an ineffective, harmful, and counterproductive measure. Restricting legal means of accessing firearms not only infringes on constitutional Second Amendment rights, but also puts lawful citizens at the mercy of psychopathic criminals.

“Don’t Tread On Me” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Tony Webster

President Biden is all in on gun control, though. Just last month, the White House openly declared that Biden is reviewing potential avenues to implement federal gun control via executive order. This comes on top of the Democrat president telling members of his party in Congress to pass gun control bills so he can sign them into law.

Republicans, however, are not going to roll over and let the Democrats override the Second Amendment. In fact, Breitbart News reports that Republicans are even more opposed now to gun control than they have been in previous years.

Republicans on Gun Control in 2021

Last month, horrific shootings happened in Georgia and Colorado. Within hours of these tragedies, Democrats jumped to call for more gun control. This has become par-for-the-course for leftists, but Republicans simply aren’t having it.

Since the Biden administration came into the White House, National Rifle Association (NRA) memberships and gun sales have increased exponentially. A new poll conducted by Morning Consult also shows that 59% of GOP voters are against tighter gun control laws; this is a notable increase from the 46% of Republicans who opposed more gun control restrictions in 2019.

Additional Morning Consult findings confirmed that almost half of U.S. voters prioritize Second Amendment rights over reforms to limit gun ownership. Last month, a Rasmussen Reports survey revealed that 51% of likely voters don’t think tighter gun control laws would have stopped the Colorado shooting.

Stopping Gun Grabs in America

Bans on “assault weapons,” the implementation of mandatory buyback programs, etc., are just a few measures Democrats have in mind to pull off a gun grab.

Although, the surge of Americans buying guns and signing up for NRA memberships sends a very clear message; it shows that people won’t simply roll over and accept a gun grab.

Republican lawmakers have also grown increasingly outspoken against the Biden administration’s work to block Second Amendment rights. Despite Democrats’ claims that more gun control is widely supported throughout the nation, the facts and data very clearly show otherwise.

What do you think about the new data on Republicans’ increased opposition against gun control in the United States? Do you believe the Biden administration is working hard to pull off a gun grab? Let us know in the comments section below.