Republicans Look Ahead Amid Post-Trump Presidency

"64.Rally.MAGA.PennAve.WDC.14November2020" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Elvert Barnes

Two days ago, the Trump presidency came to an end. Although Trump did vow to return “in some form,” for the next four years, the nation will be dealing with Joe Biden as the commander-in-chief.

After losses in the 2020 presidential election and the Georgia runoffs, the Republican Party is looking for ways to rebuild, regroup, and win future elections. In 2022, congressional races will be up for grabs; then in 2024, there will be another presidential election.

“11.Before.Rally.MAGA.WDC.14November2020” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Elvert Barnes

Between those periods and now, Republicans are looking ahead. Yesterday, congressional GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke about where the minds of many Republicans are under this new White House administration, Breitbart News reports.

The Future of the GOP

Yesterday, Leader McCarthy spoke with Fox News regarding the future of America’s Republican party.

The California congressman stated that President Trump has continuously proven his ability to move the GOP in the right direction, notably as America works on rebuilding. McCarthy then stated that Trump’s influence led to the GOP hearing out voices that previously were ignored and disregarded.

McCarthy contrasted this element of the Republican Party with the precise opposite actions from Joe Biden. The 46th president’s decision to end thousand of union and manufacturing jobs by canceling Keystone XL pipeline showed that Biden isn’t listening to those workers. After making this point, Leader McCarthy lamented the 46th president’s choice to prioritize illegal aliens over hurting, hardworking Americans.

Finally, McCarthy stated that Biden has already adopted the “wrong approach” and that Trump, even while out of office, can unite and lead Republicans.

The Failures of the Biden Administration

Many Republicans are not hesitating to blast the failures of the Biden administration. Yesterday, Sen. Ted Cruz challenged Biden Transportation Secretary nominee Pete Buttigieg over the 46th’s president’s decision to eliminate the Keystone pipeline permit.

Cruz pressed Buttigieg on what message Biden’s decision sends to those workers who lost their jobs; the best answer given by the Transportation Secretary nominee was that out-of-work union and manufacturing people will have to find employment elsewhere.

Many Republicans believe that the miscalculations and poor decisions of the Biden administration will help the GOP rebuild and win future elections. Already, the 46th president has shown that, to him, getting back into the Paris Climate Agreement and rejoining with the World Health Organization is more important than restoring jobs to unemployed Americans.

Do you believe that Donald Trump will be able to help unite and lead the GOP, even as a former president? Let us know in the comments section below.