Republicans Reintroduce Bill to Hold China Accountable for Coronavirus

"Bilateral con el presidente de China, Xi Jinping, en el Gran Palacio del Pueblo de Beijing" by Presidencia Perú is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Senate Republicans proposed legislation to hold Chinese authorities responsible for withholding and misleading facts regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

“President Kagame and First Lady Jeannette Kagame welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping and First Lady Peng Liyuan to Rwanda for their two-day State Visit | Kigali, 22 July 2018” by Paul Kagame is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Dr. Li and many others were silenced by the Chinese government for seeking to tell the truth about the coronavirus pandemic and China’s role. Meanwhile, they watched as the epidemic spread over the world, killing millions and destroying livelihoods.

Dr. Li Wenliang was among Chinese whistle-blower specialists who attempted to inform the public in December 2019 about an unexplained pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, China. Instead of heeding the warnings, Li was arrested and transported to a police station; he was later punished for rumor-mongering and charged with upsetting society.

The Bill

According to the bill’s wording, the president could sanction Chinese government officials (and associates) for intentionally concealing or distorting information regarding a worldwide public health emergency, such as COVID-19.

Furthermore, the bill would provide Congress the power to request the administration to investigate individual foreign leaders for their actions in a health crisis. In return, the administration must inform Congress within 120 days of the request, stating whether or not the individuals would face sanctions.

According to the bill, the president could lift sanctions against foreign officials if they were appropriately prosecuted for actions in which sanctions were imposed.

In March 2020, the Chinese regime reviewed Li’s case and penalized two police officers for their improper activities in sentencing the doctor. Critics censured the inquiry, claiming that the two police officer were used as scapegoats.

All steps taken by foreign nations to silence anyone who contributes vital information concerning public health issues are reprehensible; they must be held fully accountable.

China’s Lies

Over the last year, we’ve witnessed China deceive and propagandize in an effort to disguise a global pandemic, silencing anyone who tried to tell the truth.

This proposal, according to a Florida senator, will give the US the right to punish any state diplomat who conceals or twists global health data, as the Chinese Communist Party did.

Since the outbreak began, Beijing has blamed the spread of the virus on a number of countries, including India, Italy, and the United States. On June 7, the Italian Embassy in China moved to media platforms; they used these platforms to contradict Chinese headlines, falsely ascribing statements from Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi regarding COVID’s origins.

The virus’ origins are currently unknown, as the Chinese government repeatedly denied outside experts unrestricted access to investigate COVID’s origins.

On June 10, Matt Hancock, the British health secretary, became the latest politician to ask for a complete, impartial COVID-19 probe in China. He claimed China’s lack of transparency as one of the reasons the UK’s early response to the pandemic was impeded.