Republicans Schooled FBI For Double Standards After Trump’s Raid

Republican lawmakers, political strategists, and former secretaries slammed the FBI for its double standards of raiding Donald Trump’s house, while not prosecuting Hunter Biden, even after the presence of conclusive evidence against him.

While federal investigations are underway against Hunter Biden, the agencies are illegally protecting Hunter for his involvement in a variety of crimes.

FBI Acting as Political Wing of the Democrat Party

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis noted the FBI’s raid on Trump’s house suggests the federal agencies are being used against the political opponents of the federal government.

He further asserted that the FBI is treating Hunter Biden with “kid gloves.”

DeSantis, who is a major competitor of Trump for the 2024 presidential election, also claimed the Biden administration is hiring almost 87,000 IRS agents to use against its political adversaries.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also insisted the newly hired IRS agents would be used against the political opponents of the government.

He added if the federal agency can go against a former president, it can also go against any other American. Though, Pompeo continued, the government is still treating Hunter Biden differently.

Both Pompeo and DeSantis were talking about the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. This will provide $80 billion of funding to the IRS and pave the way for the agency to hire almost 87,000 new employees.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz also slammed the Biden administration for hiring the IRS agents en masse and raiding the residence of the former president.

Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, noted Democrats, including Hunter Biden, have violated the law multiple times. Yet, the federal government is unable to hold them accountable.

She further argued Democrats are weaponizing the bureaucracy against Republicans for their political gains.

Likewise, Republican Congressman Jim Banks also pointed out Hunter Biden is roaming free while the federal agencies are busy prosecuting the political rivals of Democrats.

Federal Agencies Treating Hunter Biden in a Special Way

Even though the FBI raided Trump’s residence, the federal agency is unable to take any decisive action against Hunter Biden, who abused the power of his father Biden during his vice presidency.

Reportedly, Hunter remained involved in highly-paying business deals that were signed with the consent of Joe Biden.

These comments of the Republican stakeholders come after a recent letter of Republican Senator Chuck Grassley to the FBI.

The senator told the FBI director that the federal agency marked Hunter’s accurate information as false so it might not be used against the first son during his investigations.

A whistleblower of the FBI also told Grassley the FBI assistant special agent, Timothy Thibault, who also posted against Trump on his social media accounts, closed down a line of inquiry against Hunter, even though he knew information against the first son was correct.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.