Republicans Suit Up for Biden’s Congressional Joint Session Address

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Tonight, President Biden will deliver his very first congressional joint session address. The Democrat president will discuss a litany of matters from his American Families Plan, his plan to increases taxes on the American public, etc.

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Despite the president’s previous talking points about bipartisanship, his congressional address is expected to be deeply partisan. Biden’s made clear that working with the GOP is not important to him; however, pretending to care about bipartisanship is way more on-brand for Biden.

Fox News reports that Republicans are already bracing themselves for what’s to come tonight and the ramifications that will stem from Biden’s address.

The GOP’s Anticipations for Biden’s Congressional Address

This morning, Tennessee GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn spoke with Fox News regarding her expectations for Biden’s remarks to Congress. The Republican explained that Biden shall undoubtedly pretend as if his views are widely shared and then vilify those who do not support him.

Later, Blackburn pointed out that Biden will also virtue signal, push far left policies on the nation, and advocate for freebies. This warning came before the Tennessee GOP senator explained that Biden will aim to give the government control over families’ lives instead of letting families make their own choices.

Thus far, it’s been confirmed that each of the freebies from Biden’s American Families Plan will require higher taxes on individuals and businesses throughout the nation. This, of course, is par for the course whenever Democrats propose or promise government handouts.

A Rebuttal to President Biden

After President Biden finishes his congressional address this evening, GOP Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina will deliver the Republican response.

Many conservatives are looking forward to Sen. Scott giving the rebuttal to undoubted falsehoods that will come from Biden this evening. Republicans have expressed positive views about the South Carolina lawmaker’s upcoming response.

Meanwhile, Democrats are already starting their hit pieces and attacks against the Republican senator. It comes as no shock that Democrats are fully on board with Biden’s American Families Plan, despite the harmful impact that it will ultimately have on the country.

In the coming days and weeks, Biden’s congressional address and the Republican Party’s response will certainly be talked about.

What do you think about Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s predictions for Biden’s speech tonight? Do you believe Biden’s address will turn out just as Republicans have anticipated that it will? Share your predictions with us in the comments section below.