Republicans to Block Democrat Payouts to Immigrants

House Republicans will introduce legislation on Thursday to stop the Biden administration from donating millions to undocumented immigrants split from their families under Trump’s government. This is happening, despite President Biden’s attempts to downplay the accusations.

Conservatives Fight Back

The Uncontrolled Immigration Payoff Prevention Act, introduced by Rep. Tom McClintock (a senior member of the House Judiciary Commission’s Subcommittee on Citizenship), changes 18 USC 2414.

18 USC 2414 allows the state attorney the power to negotiate settlement agreements. The bill prohibits the Justice Department from trying to make any settling payments to undocumented immigrants that are directly related to their violations of immigration rules.

This includes banning payments to migrants who engage in illegal crossings. It also makes a migrant illegal for trying to enter a country’s borders at a point of entry.

The legislation is co-sponsored by House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, Ranking Member Jim Jordan of the Judiciary Committee, and 135 House Republicans.

It symbolizes a concerted response by Republicans in the House to thwart a reported plan by the Biden government to pay $450,000 per migrant detached under Trump’s “zero tolerance” strategy.

“Who says crime isn’t profitable? It appears to pay quite well under Biden’s leadership.” In a tweet, McClintock said, “Biden’s economic plans have crushed the buying power of law-abiding, industrious citizens, while he has abandoned our southern border.”

“To make matters worse, illegal immigrants will be paid $450,000 each as an apology for Trump’s determination to enforce our immigration laws. Because Congress has the control of the purse, we must act now to put an end to this ludicrous idea.”

The Department of Justice, Homeland Defense, and Human Services are discussing payouts of $450,000 per individual to those who entered the country illegally and were split from relatives, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Amount of Money Biden Plans to Spend is Massive

The rewards might total close to $1 million per household and $1 billion overall, according to the Newspaper, but many people will receive smaller amounts. According to the New York Times, some 5,500 children were removed from their families at the southwest border as a result of the policy.

On Wednesday, Biden was confronted about the accusations by Fox News’ Peter Doocy. Biden emphatically denied it, calling it “trash” when asked if they would encourage more illegal immigration.

“If you continue to send that junk out, what are you going to do? It isn’t the case,” he stated. Biden asked, “$450,000 per individual, is that what you’re trying to say? That’s not going to occur.”

However, Biden’s remarks have accomplished little to quell Republican outrage over the revelations. This spurred parallels to what service members and others are paid. Republicans also cautioned these payments could encourage more undocumented immigrants in the midst of the ongoing immigration crisis.