Researchers Push for Shelter-in-Place Orders Until 2022

"Alliance for Health Reform briefing on t" (CC BY 2.0) by Alliance for Health Policy

There are some people doing all they can to make the most of overreactions and unnecessary fear linked to coronavirus. Mainstream media outlets continue touting death tolls and the worst, most sensationalized stories linked to the virus; meanwhile, the press remains silent about the over 525,000 global recoveries from COVID-19.


As Americans wake up to what’s really happening here, there’s a new tactic in the works. This time, researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health are calling for shelter-in-place orders, social distancing, stay home mandates, and the like to last until 2022…unless there’s a vaccine.

Making the Most of a Good Crisis

CNN is the mainstream media that chose to air talk about current restrictions lasting until 2022. According to alleged “experts,” barring the presence of a cure or vaccination, coronavirus could repeatedly emerge “as late as 2024.” Talk about extending social distancing mandates to 2022 comes after Dr. Fauci and others promoting the idea of America remaining closed for 12-18 months.

Researchers’ claims about shutdowns lasting until 2022 comes as various states look at ways to reopen the country. President Trump himself has indicated that up to 29 states are set to reengage their economies by May 1.

The Utter Disconnect from Reality

Health officials and researchers talking about lockdowns until 2022 have no real grasp on what’s happening in this country. Americans are losing their jobs, going out of business and fighting to survive after merely weeks of lockdowns. Likewise, social unrest and protests are surging as people tire of government overreach and draconian restrictions.

At least 17 million people lost their jobs due to shutdowns, yet researchers want to keep this going until 2022. They ought to be ashamed of themselves; there wouldn’t be an America to come back to if shelter-in-place orders lasted that long.

Our nation must get back to work. We cannot allow researchers or even health officials with no economic literacy or grasp to run this nation. The cure cannot be worse than the problem; right now, there is a concerted group of people looking to make the most of this crisis and we can’t let them win.

Americans must get back to work NOW!

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