Revealed: The Corrupt FBI Does Biden’s Bidding

The majority of Americans, or 53%, now sense the FBI as Joe Biden’s private Gestapo.

As per Rasmussen Reports’ most recent survey, much negative news was discovered for the nation’s FBI.

According to Rasmussen Research, 29% of likely U.S. voters believe the FBI raid on Trump’s Florida residence increased their faith in the agency, while 44% disagree.

According to 23% of respondents, their faith in the FBI has not changed significantly as a result of the Trump raid.

The Public Knows

50% of respondents have a positive opinion of the FBI, with 26% of them having a very favorable opinion. Currently, 46% of people have a negative opinion of the FBI, including 29% who have a very negative opinion of the agency.

Former leader Donald Trump’s counselor, Roger Stone, has said the FBI is being used as Joe Biden’s private Gestapo by “a bunch of political thugs at the top.”

Respondents now agreed with Stone’s remark in a majority (53%), up from 46% in December, with 34% strongly agreeing. 36 percent of respondents disagree with the Stone quote, including 26 percent who vehemently disagree.

Only 50% of people think highly of the FBI. That’s quite low.

Even after the FBI’s dishonest involvement in defending Hillary Clinton and starting the Russia collusion hoax on Trump, that percentage remained at 60% in May 2020. The main challenge facing the FBI, however, is the “trust” and “Gestapo” problems of the present.

It is just nasty, crooked, un-American, and the way things work when it comes to using the legal system to punish your political adversaries. His Fraudulence Joe Biden and the enraged Attorney General Merrick Garland definitely did that with the Trump raid.

A previous president’s residency was raided only months before a nationwide major election.

A major group would only dare to do so if they knew they had tens of billions of dollars in mainstream media on standby to defend them from any atrocity they committed.

The Webs Run Deep

They are enthusiastic Gestapo operatives and willing collaborators in the eyes of the FBI. Anyone with morals wouldn’t participate in these crimes against humanity.

The FBI would lose personnel due to widespread resignations if it only hired men and women of integrity.

Nobody was surprised to learn from this survey that Democrats also enjoy some federal Gestapo officers. 63 percent of Democrats firmly support the FBI.

Though just 30% of Democrats who support defunding the police also have a negative opinion of the officials in the FBI.

Some people view these discoveries as being hypocritical, but if you comprehend the objectives of the left, neither of those things apply.

Democrats, you see, would be happiest if all local and state police forces were abolished and replaced with a centralized federal law enforcement agency that they could manipulate and corrupt.