RFK is Banned on YouTube and Instagram

The Establishment is afraid of RFK Jr., therefore, they are trying to intimidate him as much as they can by silencing him.

RFK is Upsetting the Left

Even if he is battling for us from the left, RFK Jr. consistently comes across as a bit of a wacky weirdo who just so happens to be expressing certain opinions that make sense.

Democrats who believe Joe Biden has fallen short as a human being and as president have taken a liking to RFK Jr. Some Democrats (and some Republicans, I concede) enjoy wacky oddballs.

You must give him credit; he hit a nerve.

RFK has the ability to reach millions of people with his messages because he is the son and nephew of both of the nation’s most well-known political leaders.

He has taken use of this. RFK presently holds a 20% position in the Democratic presidential polls, which is remarkable, given that the current president is his primary challenger.

The establishment did this because they didn’t appreciate his increasing popularity with a certain group of people.

“Prior to a couple of years ago, I would have instantly disregarded the CIA’s allegation as absurd nonsense. Right now? I’ve seen sufficient theories to think it might be real.”

“Although I am skeptical that it’s true, I also don’t reject it out of hand. The CIA has been involved in some dubious domestic activities recently and in the 1960s, it was undoubtedly out of control.”

RFK Has Some Interesting Theories

The idea that JFK or RFK Jr. ended up being killed by the CIA is definitely acceptable as a topic of conversation, no matter how plausible it may be.

The individual certainly isn’t advocating for violence or an uprising and there is no appeal to action in this interview. RFK is expressing his opinions to us.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.