Ridiculous Michigan Democrats Planned to Ban GPS Use

Earlier this week in the Michigan House of Representatives, voting on a bundle of bills intended to further outlaw all non-car navigation systems was delayed.

This was delayed by Democrats while the legislation was on the floor and voting was still going on. They then swiftly ended the meeting.

Extreme Laws

To avoid an embarrassing loss for the group’s bill pack, HB 4250-4252, the dishonest left-wing alliance of “defending Democracy” was forced to cheat.

This set of bills outlaws carrying or utilizing a handheld device while operating a motor vehicle. The measures additionally provide for the suspension of a driver’s permit for multiple infractions and enhance the penalties for violations.

The legislation goes a step further to outlaw text messaging while driving. After three infractions, this legislation would permit license suspension. There are existing regulations against “distracted driving” in Michigan.

The laws were perceived as a big windfall to the Michigan insurance industry, contributing to a spike in the cost of car coverage. The cost of car insurance is currently the highest in the country.

Democrats control the state Senate with a 20–18 majority and a narrow 56–54 advantage in the House. They have succeeded in enacting as many extreme laws as possible, notwithstanding those narrow margins, frequently with only a few token Republican votes.

Together with Democrats, four Republicans voted in favor of the legislation package. When Democrats halted voting, a minimum of nine Democrats were casting “no” votes.

Representatives Pat Outman, Mike Mueller, Graham Filler, and Brad Slagh are the four Republicans who joined the Democratic party in voting.

Democrats Can’t Take a Loss

Four Republicans, Reps. Pat Outman, John Roth, Tom Kunse, and Alicia St. Germaine, voted in favor of the identical set of bills when they were on the Transportation, Mobility, and Infrastructure Committee.

Rep. Greg Van Woerkom, according to employees possessing insight into Republican voters’ intentions, planned to cast a yes vote when the voting was halted.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.