Rioters Rip Down D.C. Monument as Police Watch

"Floyd" (CC BY 2.0) by Tyler Merbler

The leftist mob continues to get away with committing various crimes on the streets of America. From looting to arson, vandalism, and desecration, violent demonstrators have all but been given the green light to tear down the nation without having to answer for these crimes.

Unfortunately, all this is happening as police officers across America are vilified just for doing their jobs. Hence, law enforcement is now facing record low morale levels and opportunistic criminals are taking advantage of this.


In an unfortunate turn of events, more lawlessness recently broke out on the streets of Washington D.C., according to Townhall. Police officers stood by and merely observed as rioters tore down a statue of Albert Pike, an Army General of the Confederacy.

What to Know About Lawlessness on D.C. Streets

Over the past few weeks, the left has been on a crusade to rewrite and erase history that they view as bothersome. While this mindset in and of itself is problematic, the manner in which Democrats are going about this is lawless and anarchist.

Disturbing videos of rioters ripping down a statue of General Pike surfaced on social media a couple of days ago. In D.C.’s Judiciary Square, rioters scaled the statue, encased chains around it, and then pulled together until the statue finally collapsed.

See for yourself:

Additional footage showed onlookers surrounding these rioters as they tore down the statues. Police officers who were present on the scene did absolutely nothing to stop this from happening. That, too, was caught on video, much to the shock and disappointment of many Americans.

After tearing down the statue of General Pike, rioters then proceeded to set it on fire. Absolutely no one stopped them or attempted to intervene whatsoever.

After President Trump learned of what was going on, he took to Twitter, calling for the arrest of involved individuals.

What do you think about the lawlessness in Washington D.C.? Do you think the rioters who tore down and burned the statue of General Pike should be held accountable? Let us know in the comments section below!