Romney Butts Heads With Santos at Biden’s State of the Union Address

On Tuesday, Joe Biden delivered a State of the Union address which made national headlines. Throughout the speech, various members of the GOP congressional body rejected Biden’s claims by shouting at him mid-speech.

Reactions to the president’s address mainly fell across partisan lines. Republicans largely took issue with the points Biden made; however, the formal Republican rebuttal by Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders was well-received by GOP members.

On the flip side, most Democrats loved Biden’s State of the Union address and turned up their noses at the Republican response.

However, on Tuesday night, another incident made headlines. This one pertained to a conflict between GOP Sen. Mitt Romney and embattled GOP Rep. George Santos, per the New York Post.

Hard Times For Santos

Rep. Santos is under fire since it’s come out that he was not truthful about his history, family, work experience, educational background, and more while campaigning for a seat in the House of Representatives.

Because of the lies and myraid legal scandals facing Santos, Republicans and Democrats alike have said he needs to step down.

Though following Tuesday’s State of the Union address, Romney didn’t hesitate to give Santos a piece of his mind. First, the New York House Republican went around trying to shake people’s hands.

Then, when Santos stumbled upon Romney, the Utah senator told Santos he did not belong in Congress. Romney later told members of the press that he believes the New York congressman is a “sick puppy.”

Romney next went on to say that Santos will hopefully be expelled from Congress and didn’t know Santos would be moving across the room, trying to shake everyone’s hands.

A Questionable Future

At this point, because of all the lies Santos has been exposed for telling, his political career looks to be pretty much over. At the rate things are going, Santos might not even complete his current term.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy already confirmed that if Santos is found to have broken any laws (which the New York Republican stands accused of), then he’ll be removed from office.

Santos, who wasn’t pleased about being rebuffed by Romney, later went after the Utah senator via Twitter. Per Santos, Romney is never going to make it to being president.

This was an apparent dig at Romney’s presidential run many years back when he lost to former President Barack Obama. Nevertheless, in present day, Romney has been clear he has no regrets about how he responded to Santos.

What do you think about the tense exchange between Sen. Romney and Rep. Santos at this week’s State of the Union address? In the comments area below, please feel free to let us know your takeaways from the drama.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.