Rule By Executive Order Coming Back to Haunt Biden

"Capitol Jan 6" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Blinkofanaye

America is coming up on two whole weeks of the Biden administration. Thus far, the 46th president’s time in office has been hallmarked by a series of controversial decisions. Removing Keystone XL pipeline, cracking down on oil and gas permits, etc., are just a few examples.

“Capitol Jan 6” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Blinkofanaye

As Biden continues to occupy the Oval Office, he’s set a precedent of governing by executive order. The 46th president has signed more executive orders than his predecessors; moreover, these excessive executive orders run contrary to Biden’s professed interest in bringing the country together.

According to Newsmax, the scrutiny of Biden’s executive orders is now a factor in his White House administration.

The President of Executive Orders

Biden has signed one executive order after the other; in another blow to the 46th president’s professed goal of bipartisan healing, many of Biden’s executive orders center around simply undoing the policies from the Trump administration.

With less than two weeks in office, Biden’s signed more than 36 executive orders. Yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called out the 46th president’s reliance upon executive orders; in an ironic twist of bipartisanship, the left-leaning New York Times also published an opinion piece urging Biden to “ease up” on his executive actions.

Appeasing the Far Left

An observation of Biden’s executive orders shows a clear interest in appeasing the far left. Multiple Republicans have called the 46th president out on this; meanwhile, Biden continues to indicate that additional executive orders from him are coming.

As long as the 46th president continues to cater to the far left, he’s not going to successfully unify America. Biden, thus far, has made no moves to work across the aisle, reach Republicans, or put some action behind his words about healing and unifying.

The Biden White House now faces questions about the 46th president’s executive orders and their contents. Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, is also struggling to answer challenging inquiries about Biden’s actual work to make good on his promises of healing, bipartisanship, and unifying the country.

In light of current events, Americans should brace themselves and prepare for additional executive orders to come from the current occupant of the White House.

What do you think about Biden ruling via executive order? Do you believe the 46th president’s executive actions are unifying or dividing the nation? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.