Russia on the Brink of Invading Ukraine – America Warns Europe

According to Bloomberg Sunday, the US decided to share insights with European allies, such as map data, that “demonstrates a buildup of Russian troops and heavy weapons.”

This is designed to help European allies start preparing for a rapid, large-scale move into Ukraine from numerous places, in the event of an attack.

This comes more than seven years after Russia invaded and occupied the Ukrainian region of Crimea, a step universally criticized by the West.

The Details

In recent times, tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have been massed along the Ukrainian border and near territory controlled by Russian-backed rebels.

As per sources, American intelligence agencies communicated warnings of a probable Russian invasion with partners. The New York Times noted Friday “the development is being taken more seriously and the United States is not presuming it is a ruse.”

Bloomberg claimed, citing two anonymous sources, that Russia “called back tens of thousands of reservists on a level unparalleled in post-Soviet times.” They will be employed “to secure territories in a later period.”

After the US judgment claiming “Moscow could be mulling an assault early next year,” European partners are engaged in a “progressively frantic political push” with President Vladimir Putin to avert such an attack.

Russia is preparing for war in and around the end of January or early February, according to the head of Ukraine’s national security agency. This will likely include “air raids, shelling, and tank attacks,” then an airborne and naval assault, along with a lesser invasion through Belarus.

100,000 is the number of Russian soldiers thought to have amassed near the border. “We perceive an unusual accumulation of forces,” NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg said about the latest troop increase.

“We know Moscow has been willing to deploy these types of conventional forces before to execute aggressive measures against Ukraine.” Moscow, on the other hand, dismissed such fears as “sensationalist.”

Could We See Another Crimea Crisis?

Tension has indeed been high since Moscow invaded and annexed the Crimean peninsula in 2014, which the US and its partners condemned ever since.

President Biden stated in February the US “already doesn’t and will never accept Russia’s claimed takeover of the peninsula.” Biden then declared the US stands by Ukraine in the midst of Russia’s “violent behavior.”

America and others aren’t claiming war is inevitable, or even claiming they know very well Putin is genuine about it. According to the sources, he is most likely undecided.

“I can’t speak to Russia’s objectives,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated earlier this month. “We have no idea what they are.”

According to a senior government source, the US has shown it is willing to employ a variety of instruments to combat detrimental Russian activities under Biden’s leadership and will continue to do so.

The White House declined to comment further.