Russia to Target UK Over Top Weapons Given to Ukraine

(Snapshot from social media footage shows UK-made Starstreak missile destroying mid-air a Russian attack helicopter in Ukraine’s Donbass)

Russia has promised to attack and destroy British weapons supplied to the Ukrainians after footage shows a UK-made missile downing a Russian assault helicopter.

Putin’s nauseating war against Ukraine has gone completely awry, thanks to the incredible bravery and high efficiency of Ukrainian defenders.

Ukrainians Wreak Havoc on Russian Armor and Aircraft

The Ukrainian government led by its plucky President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been begging the United States, the UK, and their allies in NATO to provide more offensive weapons for defending against the Russian brutes.

These weapons include warplanes, tanks, and anti-aircraft defense systems.

The Biden administration and American allies have so far resisted these calls for fear of angering Putin and provoking him to escalate the war in Ukraine into “World War III” or even a nuclear war.

However, the more war crimes against civilians the Russians have been committing, the bigger the pressure has become on western governments to provide Ukrainians with more tangible means to defend themselves.

Thus, the UK has started to supply Ukraine with its Starstreak anti-aircraft missiles. This is a more tangible anti-aircraft weapon, which is already helping the Ukrainians inflict additional losses upon the Russians.

(Snapshot from social media footage shows UK-made Starstreak missile destroying mid-air a Russian attack helicopter in Ukraine’s Donbass)

UK Supplies Ukraine with Top New Anti-Aircraft Weapon

Russia was particularly enraged on Saturday, after a video was shared, showing a hit by a British Starstreak missile destroying in mid-air an attack helicopter of the Russian military.

Kelin, speaking on Putin’s behalf, issued vicious threats against one of America’s closest allies, promising the Russian military is going to target British military supplies as they enter Ukraine.

The threat is notable because it carries the risk of killing UK service personnel.

Soon, all 30 member countries of NATO, led by the United States, the greatest military power in the world of all time, may be engaged in a world war with Russia.

This in turn may escalate into an exchange of nuclear-armed intercontinental missiles and the destruction of humanity and all life on earth.

The Russian Ambassador in London told Russia’s state-owned propaganda news agency TASS, as cited by The Daily Mail, that Starstreak missiles supplied by Britain to Ukraine are “exacerbating” the conflict by making the situation “even bloodier.”

Last week, Britain’s Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, announced his country was going to provide Ukraine with “more lethal aid”. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said earlier that this would include 6,000 additional missiles.

Evidently, this included for the first time the Starstreaks, which are laser-guided missiles slamming at thrice the speed of sound into low-flying attack helicopters and fighter jets.

A recent report out of Ukrainian government sources claimed during a secret meeting with his generals, Russian dictator Putin made it clear he didn’t care much even if 50,000 Russian troops get killed in Ukraine.

However, he is particularly concerned about the destruction of Russian military equipment, as a key instrument of waging war on the freedom-loving Ukrainians.