Russian Military Bases at Home, in Belarus Rocked by Mysterious Blasts, Fires

(Social media video snapshots show Russian military barracks outside Moscow set on fire)

A number of Russian military bases have been jolted by explosions and/or fires.

Earlier this week, Ukrainian special forces managed to blow up a major Russian airfield in the occupied Crimean Peninsula, destroying between nine and 20 of Putin’s already rapidly dwindling fleet of warplanes.

Putin’s Warplane Losses Swell by 10 in Single Day

According to the latest official estimate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the Russian military alone has lost a total of 42,000 soldiers killed in action.

The Russians also lost more than 11,000 units of military equipment, including close to 2,000 main battle tanks, over 4,000 armored personnel carriers, and more than 3,000 trucks and jeeps.

Besides the 193 military helicopters and nearly 800 drones of various types, the Russian air force lost 232 warplanes so far.

The latter number swelled by nine on Wednesday, after the explosions at the Nikiforivka air base, in the Saki district of the Crimean Peninsula.

These are believed to have been carried out by Ukrainian special forces, in spite of being more than 130 miles deep into Russian-controlled territory.

The Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea was occupied by Russia back in 2014, during Putin’s first, partial invasion of Ukraine.

It was from the territory of Belarus that on February 24, the Russians invaded northern Ukraine, while the east was invaded by Russia proper, and the south by occupied Crimea.

(Social media video snapshots show Russian military barracks outside Moscow set on fire)

‘Karma’ Causing ‘Technical Accidents’

Several bases of the Russian military in European Russia and also in Belarus, the Soviet-style dictatorship, which is an ally of Moscow, suffered fires and explosions on Thursday.

Since March, several dozens of Russian military, military research, and industrial facilities across Russia suffered mysterious fires and blasts, seemingly the work of Ukrainian intelligence and/or pro-Ukrainian local saboteurs.

However, for the first time on Thursday, there was an explosion in a military facility in Belarus.

Early on Thursday, a Russian military housing facility was set on fire in a town on the outskirts of Moscow, Fox News reported.

According to Moscow’s emergency situations directorate, however, the fire took more than 35 firefighters to extinguish.

Meanwhile, the official state news agency of Belarus reported several explosions occurred early on Thursday at the Ziabrauka airfield in the Gomel region.

The region shares a border with Northern Ukraine; the airfield has been used by the Russians for raids against Ukrainian cities.

Even though Belarus’ Ministry of Defense claimed some of the military equipment there just caught fire, an advisor to Sviatlana Tsikhanoyskaya, an exiled opposition leader, said this could not be confirmed; at least eight blasts rocked the base.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday night, in a social media video address, Ukraine’s brave President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced in a single day, Russia lost 10 warplanes: one downed over Southern Ukraine and nine blown up in the targeted air base in Crimea.

In a Twitter post on Thursday, Mykhailo Podolyak, Zelenskyy’s top advisor, called the “technical accidents” happening to Russian military facilities “karma.”

“Karma finds you anywhere,” he told the Russian invaders, vowing they will not be safe in “occupied Belarus,” or in “occupied Crimea.”

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.