Russian Military is Killing Its Own Troops in Ukraine War

The Russian military is killing its own troops in Ukraine, which is causing panic among the Russian army.

Reportedly, Russian soldiers believe their leadership is just treating them like a piece of meat for the sake of its own political gains.

Russian Army Killing Its Own Soldiers

Ukrainian intelligence authorities released audio, according to which the Russian military is killing its own soldiers in Ukraine.

In the audio, a Ukrainian commander named Aleksei told his mother a Russian tank killed their own people. Furthermore, Aleksei noted the Russian soldiers are receiving more damage from their own military, compared to the forces of Ukraine.

In a separate audio released by Ukrainian intelligence, another soldier complained to his friend that the Russian military does not care if its soldiers come back home alive.

The same soldier also claimed the Ukraine war turned into a complete sh*tshow, adding that the Russian army does not care about its own 300,000 soldiers. 

Likewise, the same Russian soldier asked his friend not to come to the battlefield. According to the soldier, only state-owned Russian TV channels are showing the Russian army is equipped with tanks, while in reality, they have nothing.

Independent Russian media outlet Mediazona also interviewed many Russian troops. The news outlet claimed the Russian army was intentionally killing its troops.

One Moscow resident, Dmitry Panov, told Mediazona he volunteered to fight for Russia in Ukraine, but withdrew from his commitments after finding out Russian commanders were killing their own soldiers in Novoselivka.

Panov further claimed Russian soldiers are just like a piece of meat in front of the Russian army establishment. The Russian army believes its soldiers are like animals who are sent to slaughter in Ukraine, Panov added.

Russians’ Morale Hits New Low

Many Russian soldiers now believe they are just disposable materials that can be thrown out easily at any time.

These sentiments of the serving soldiers are bringing the morale of other Russian troops down as well. For instance, a whole battalion in Crimea has refused to fight, claiming they do not want to die in vain.

An investigative Russian journalism watchdog, iStories, claimed most of the Russian soldiers died without fighting at the frontline of the battlefield. iStories further revealed Russian media tried to portray its soldiers died while fighting heroically, while they did not fight at all.

Meanwhile, the reality of the on-ground situation of Russian soldiers also concerns many ordinary Russians, who are exposed to the propaganda of their government.

Russian authorities are running propaganda to lure their own citizens to sign up for the war in Ukraine to earn some extra money for their military services.

The response of the ordinary Russian is so worrisome for Russian authorities that pro-Kremlin influencers are thinking Ukraine is manipulating the opinion of Russians to stop them from participating in the war.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.