Russian Shelling Continues with Thousands Dead

The Russian military hit locations near Kyiv and then another town, just days after pledging to reduce combats in certain areas.

This was supposed to build trust between the two countries, Ukrainian authorities claimed Wednesday.

This Isn’t Helping

The bombing, as well as escalated Russian advances in other parts of the nation, dampened the hope for progress in the talks seeking to end the grueling conflict.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine says he told President Joe Biden the conflict is at a “critical juncture.”

He expressed gratitude to the United States for an additional $500 million in aid released on Wednesday but also stated that Ukraine requires more assistance to fend against the Russian invasion.

“If we truly are fighting for freedom and defending democracy together, we have the right to ask for assistance at this critical juncture.”

“Tanks, aircraft, and artillery systems are only a few examples. Freedom should be no less equipped than tyranny,” Zelenskyy stated in his nightly video televised address, which he delivered sitting outside Kyiv’s dimly illuminated presidential buildings in the dark.

To “build mutual trust and establish circumstances for further dialogue,” the Russian military stated on Tuesday that it would de-escalate close to the capital and the northern state of Chernihiv.

However, Zelenskyy and the West viewed the announcement with skepticism. Shortly after, Ukrainian officials stated Russian fire targeted homes, stores, schools, and other civilian targets in Chernihiv and the suburbs of Kyiv.

After rearming soldiers from other locations, Russian troops increased their assaults on the Donbas area in the east and surrounding the city of Izyum, according to the Ukrainian position.

They are Lying

The Russian statement turned out to be “a complete falsehood,” according to Alexander Lomako, chairman of the Chernihiv town council.

“They didn’t reduce at night,” Lomako claimed, “but they did enhance the intensity of military operations.”

As per the United Nations, the number of Ukrainians leaving the nation exceeded four million, with half of them being minors.

“I’m not sure if may still trust the Russians,” Nikolay Nazarov, a Ukrainian, said as he looked after his father’s wheelchair across the Polish boundry. “I believe the situation in eastern Ukraine will worsen. That is why we are unable to return to Kharkiv.”

Negotiations with Russia are still ongoing, according to Zelenskyy, but for the time being they are mere “words without details.”

“We understand this is not a retreat, but rather the repercussions of being driven out,” Zelenskyy said about Russia’s commitment. “However, we are noticing that Russia is consolidating its forces for additional attacks in Donbas. We are ready for this.”

Zelenskyy also said Ukraine’s diplomats to Georgia and Morocco had been summoned, implying they failed to persuade those nations to support Ukraine and penalize Russia for the attack.