Russian Tyrant Unleashes Rain of Missiles on Ukraine in Fresh Terror Campaign

(7-year-old girl severely injured in a Russian missile strike on Kyiv seen in this photo shared by Ukraine's Foreign Minister)

Murderous Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin has resorted to a renewed bout of civilian terror against his victim, Ukraine.

Over the weekend, his troops unleashed a literal rain of fire in the most intensive campaign of missile strikes on Ukrainian cities.

They blew up apartment buildings all over the country and blasting young children to horrible deaths.

‘Russia’s Sick Imperialism’ Strikes Even More Viciously

A renewed barrage of Russian missile attacks was fired on Saturday and Sunday by bombers flying in the airspace of Russia proper, the occupied Crimean Peninsula, the Caspian Sea to the east, and Moscow’s puppet, Belarus, north of Ukraine.

A young child was killed in Kharkiv, in Odesa, and a total of nine people died, including an eight-year-old. In Kyiv, a seven-year-old girl was severely injured in her sleep when her apartment building collapsed after being hit by a Ukrainian missile.

A total of 14 Russian missiles of various types were fired at the Ukrainian capital on Sunday. While ten were intercepted, the other four hit residential quarters. A total of 51 missiles targeted cities all over Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Kuleba, posted on Twitter an image of the rescue of the seven-year-old girl in Kyiv, with a call for G-7 to adopt more crushing sanctions against Russia and provide Ukraine defenders with more heavy weapons.

Kuleba also insisted the “sick imperialism” of Russia “must be defeated.”

(Local government photos shared on social media show Ukrainian homes set ablaze after a Russian missile attack against Odesa region)

Putin’s Mystery Dash After Meeting with Bloody Dictator Buddy

Meanwhile, on Saturday, there was a late-night mystery dash of Putin’s Aurus limousine towards the Kremlin in Moscow, which was caught in cell phone footage.

It came after earlier in the day, Putin met with his only major ally, the dictator of Russia and Ukraine’s neighbor Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, in a tete-a-tete session.

Lukashenko is presently resisting Putin’s insistence to send Belarus’ military, whose condition is questionable at best, to attack Ukraine from the north.

During his meeting with the Belarusian fellow dictator, Putin promised to supply his ally with Russian nuclear-capable weapons.

Commenting on Sunday about Putin’s late-night Moscow dash, his propaganda stooge Dmitry Peskov claimed, “everything is normal.”

The Putin regime appears increasingly desperate as it is failing to overwhelm Ukraine in spite of making very costly gains in the Donbas region. It has called up from retirement a really fat Russian special forces general to command troops on the front lines.

Reacting on Sunday to Russia’s renewed missile attacks, Joe Biden, who was in Germany for the G-7 meeting, said, as cited by The Daily Mail, those were “more of their barbarism.”

Biden vowed the unity of the free world to counteract the Russian crimes will not be shaken.