Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal Unveiled as West Prepares

Vladimir Putin has reaffirmed his nuclear threat toward the United States and its allies by preparing an apparent launch of a nuclear missile.

Putin Gears Up For War With West

Videos demonstrate a massive Russian Yars rocket capable of striking the United Kingdom and the United States being transported to the site. It’s being transported by military trucks in a convoy and then placed into a silo just outside of Moscow.

According to reports, the intercontinental ballistic missile has a reach of 7,500 miles. Once nuclear-armed, it is twelve times more devastating than the atomic bomb unleashed on Hiroshima.

In Russian propaganda, it was observed being placed on a launch platform using specialized transport and loading gear; although there is no evidence of a launch plan or date so it would seem that an imminent attack is not yet on the cards.

Let us not forget that Russia loves to show off power they do not really really possess and make threats they cannot back.

Russia Makes Empty Threats

Putin was observed supervising the launching of a comparable Yars nuclear missile in a fake attack on the West towards the end of October, amidst heightened tensions in the Ukraine conflict.

Given that Putin’s attack on Ukraine is not going as well as he expected it to, we highly doubt he could cope with a war against the United States and the United Kingdom.

During the exercises, Russia purportedly practiced its retaliation to a nuclear assault from the West and targeted the United Kingdom and the United States.

Concerns have been expressed that the 70-year-old despot could explode a nuclear weapon as his forces continue to suffer losses in the catastrophic Ukraine conflict.

On December 17, Russia will celebrate the yearly Strategic Missile Forces Day. In preparation, Russia is ramping up its nuclear display of force.

Colonel Alexei Sokolov, head of the Russian missile force, stated that the purpose of the latest practice was to convey a warning to the West, putting both the United Kingdom and the United States within reach.

He stated the significance of this action rests in the missile’s timely deployment to operational duty.

Russia continues to make empty threats against the West in an attempt to intimidate anyone who may aid Ukraine in its defense of its country.

However, it’s unlikely these missiles would not be used against Ukraine, given their long-range capabilities and the close proximity of Ukraine to Russia.

Regardless of whether these threats are real or not, the United States and the United Kingdom do have to take the threats seriously.

Despite this, many Twitter users have expressed they do not take Russia’s threats seriously and stated they wish someone would just bomb Russia’s missile silos once and for all.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.