Sanders Says AOC Would Have Role in His Administration

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Socialists of a feather stick together. This may be a playoff of the original saying, but it’s very much applicable when considering present-day politics. The American people continue to watch as the Democrat Party takes their positions further and further to the left, whilst embracing politicians with radical, socialist ideologies.

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Earlier this week, 2020 Democrat and self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders confirmed that House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will have a role in his administration if he’s elected as president. The Washington Examiner also went on to record Sanders’ claims that Ocasio-Cortez is accomplished and a “leader” in Congress.

The New York congresswoman recently endorsed Sanders’ presidential campaign and has rallied with him on multiple occasions.

Why Sanders Would Appoint AOC to Serve in His Administration

Sanders’ admissions about AOC and decisions he would make as president came during an interview with ABC News. The socialist declared that Ocasio-Cortez’s ideas are “resonating” across America and professed that no other congressperson has achieved an impact on the level of AOC’s in “less than one year.”

The 2020 Democrat furthermore stated that constitutional rules and regulations prevent him from bringing Ocasio-Cortez onto his campaign as a running mate. Sanders then concluded his remarks about the New York congresswoman by stating there’s “no question” that she’ll play a “very, very important role” in his Cabinet if he becomes president.

The Likely Alliance Between Bernie Sanders and AOC

In light of where Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are on policy as individuals, their alliance and her support for his campaign is of absolutely no shock. Both politicians are extremely far-left, rabidly anti-Trump, and aspire to twist America into a socialist nation.

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Sanders and AOC have each spoken out against capitalism and suggested that support for a free market is inherently racist and classist. The idea of Ocasio-Cortez being in any presidential Cabinet is enough for any sensible person to say “yikes,” although this type of decision is right up Sanders’ alley.

The one silver lining in all this is that Sanders doesn’t stand a chance of winning the Democrat nomination, let alone going on to face President Trump in a general election.

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