Seattle Pays for Woke Riots After Settling Lawsuit Over 2020 ‘No Cop Zone’

The city of Seattle, Washington accepted a settlement to pay millions of US dollars for shameless wokeness after it lost a lawsuit over a “no cop zone.”

Three Weeks of All-Out Lawlessness

The Democrat-governed Seattle will have to a total of $3.65 million from the money of its taxpayers.

This comes amid a settlement in a lawsuit filed by over a dozen local citizens and businesses because in summer 2020, the city failed for a full three weeks to clear up a “no cop zone” set up by communist thugs.

Seattle was the place hit particularly hard by far-left violence that erupted when supposedly “peaceful” street protests quickly erupted into devastating riots, following the death of George Floyd.

Already in September 2020, a report by Axios estimated the violent riots caused at least $1 billion in damages, with more recent reports pointing to about $2 billion in damages to insured properties only.

Seattle, together with Minneapolis and New York City, were probably the three cities worst affected by the far-left riots and violence oftentimes openly led by operatives of the far-left fascist terrorist group Antifa.

The lawsuit that the city of Seattle agreed to settle was over the so-called “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” zone – also known as CHOP – which saw all-out lawlessness and chaos in June 2020, The Conservative Daily News reported.

The CHOP zone was set up by the rioters in the East Precinct of Seattle and was declared a “no-cop zone” after it was conquered by protesters. Seattle authorities didn’t take action to remove the zone for weeks, allowing it to become the site of numerous shootings.

The existence of the “no-go” zone also forced local residents and businesses to deal with the violence and extensive property damage.

‘Turning a New Page?’

The overt failure of the city to enforce the laws of the United States and Washington state led Hunters Capital, an investment group, and several local business owners to sue Seattle right away.

The lawsuit was filed the same month as the CHOP zone violence erupted – in June 2022. The businesses and local residents motivated their motion with the fact they had been “deprived” of “their rights to their property.”

The settlement was finalized at the end of last week, nearly three years after the post-George Floyd riots. It includes $600,000 in penalties for the city because of incriminating text messages that were deleted by city leaders.

City Attorney Anne Davison told local channel King 5 News that the settlement resolved the CHOP zone matter and “turned a page” from that “difficult period” in the history of Seattle.

Last month, however, a local judge slapped “severe sanctions” on the city government after it became clear its leaders deliberately deleted “thousands” of texts from their phones that were connected with the CHOP zone debacle.

They also tried to hide their phones for months.

There are likewise other victims of the CHOP zone who have sued the city of Seattle. These include the father of a 16-year-old who was shot and killed inside the zone and the mother of a 19-year-old victim who perished the same way.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.