Secret Service Preparing for White House Power Transition

"Daring Secret Service to Shoot Him" (CC BY 2.0) by John Brighenti

On Wednesday, Inauguration Day arrives and a new president will be sworn into office. After a hard-fought 2020 presidential race and a litany of legal challenges afterward, President Trump will depart from the White House in just five more days.

“Secret Service agent guarding the entran” (CC BY 2.0) by John Christian Fjellestad

The transition of power is one that many people in Washington are preparing and adjusting for. Multiple staffers and aides to the Trump administration have already resigned from their posts or sought employment opportunities elsewhere.

Now, Newsmax confirms that the United States Secret Service is also going through a unique preparation process in order to prepare for the incoming Biden administration.

The Preparation Process of the Secret Service

Secret Service agents are presently under orders to remain unbiased and professional in the wake of the upcoming power transition. James Murray, the director of Secret Service communicated this and much more in the wake of recent events.

Per Murray’s memo to Secret Service members, agents are expected to remain above the political and “hyper-charged rhetoric” that has permeated social media and other circles. The Secret Service director called upon members to conduct themselves in a nonpartisan fashion; this is also in keeping with Secret Service agents effectively and professionally carrying out their responsibilities.

The work and duties of Secret Service remain under a microscope in light of last week’s unfortunate events on Capitol Hill.

An Increase in Security

The work of Secret Service, the National Guard, etc., are in higher demand than ever. Riots on the 6th apparently set the tone for future outbreaks of violence; according to a recent FBI memo, there are more political demonstrations being planned as Biden’s inauguration gets closer and closer.

These demonstrations are reportedly expected to involve armed protesters and similar displays of behavior witnessed at the nation’s capital earlier this month. Right now, the FBI, National Guard, Secret Service, etc., are hard at work to ensure that future outbreaks of political violence do not materialize.

Right now, Secret Service is on high alert and prepared to take any necessary actions to carry out their duties. The same scenario is also applicable to other law enforcement and security agencies.

What do you think about Secret Service’s preparation for a new power transition in the White House? Do you think any more displays of violence will occur as Joe Biden’s inauguration approaches? Let us know in the comments section below.