Senate Republicans Pass Amendment to Block $15 Minimum Wage Hike

With the Biden administation in power for the next four years, Democrats have a host of policies they’d like to see take over the nation. D.C. statehood, a federal minimum wage increase to $15, mass amnesty, and open borders are just several of many examples.

“U.S. Senator Joni Ernst Memorial Hall fo” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by usembassykyiv

For quite some time, there was talk of the $15 federal minimum wage being included in the current president’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 virus spending package. Democrats even boasted about having the necessary votes to pass this measure, even without a single Republican vote.

However, Breitbart News confirms that the $15 minimum wage increase will not be included in Biden’s stimulus package after a passed amendment from Senate Republicans.

A No Go for a $15 Federal Minimum Wage Increase

Sen. Joni Ernst warned on Thursday that increasing the minimum wage would deliver a death blow to small businesses across the nation that simply can’t afford it. Following these remarks came a marathon vote in which GOP senators successfully passed an amendment barring a $15 minimum wage hike amid a “global pandemic.”

Ernst’s amendment actually gathered bipartisan support as well. Sen. Bernie Sanders of all people, backed the marathon vote, stating that an immediate increase of the minimum wage amid a pandemic was never what he intended. Sanders then expressed his support for gradually surging the minimum wage over a five-year timeframe.

A Long Road Ahead

The marathon vote, while a small win, is one of many victories necessary for Republicans. The collective congressional GOP is in a tough spot right now, seeing as they do not control the House of Representatives nor do they control the Senate.

Republicans will have a chance to retify this next year during midterm elections. The GOP is already hard at work to ensure that Democrats do not hold onto both congressional majorities for the entirety of Biden’s presidential term. Already, former President Trump has agreed to work with Republicans and assist conservatives in taking back majority control of the House.

In order for Republicans to stop a leftist takeover of the nation, the GOP has to control one congressional body, at the very least. The current monopoly on power that Democrats have right now is a dream come true for them; it is, therefore, up to Republicans and Republican voters to make a change.

What do you think about the amendment that blocks raising the minimum wage amid a pandemic? Are you surprised that Democrats voted in favor of this? Let us know in the comments section below.