Senator: Dems Willfully Weaken America with Wokeness, Transgenderism

Democrats are intentionally working to transform the United States of America into a “weak country.”

They are using the Marxist-Communist theories of wokeness (“critical race theory”) and transgenderism (“gender ideology”) to achieve that, a Republican senator of Arkansas is warning in a new book.

Progressive Dems Seek to Destroy America ‘By Design’

Tom Cotton’s book “Only the Strong” focuses on what he says is “the left’s plot” to “sabotage American power” and is coming out on Tuesday.

He revealed his main message on Sunday in a Fox News interview with host Mark Levin, himself an expert on American Marxism-Communism.

In his interview and new book, 45-year-old Tom Cotton, a veteran from Iraq and Afghanistan, exposed what he describes as a decades-long leftist plot to destroy the United States of America as the top global power.

Cotton is categorical that while many Americans may now have the rightful impression that their nation is in decline, any such decline, real or perceived, is not the result of “mismanagement” or accidental developments leading to systematic problems.

Instead, the decline in question has been deliberately engineered and implemented by the progressive left.

Among the outside symptoms of this deliberate communist blow to US power, Cotton mentioned Joe Biden’s utterly disgraceful loss of the war on terror in Afghanistan in 2021.

The Arkansas senator said, as cited by The Daily Mail, he kept getting asked time and again how the United States could lose the war to “a band of medieval savages” that are Taliban terrorists.

(Fox News snapshot)

‘Obama’s Understudy’ Making US Decline Worse Than Ever

In his interview, Cotton underscored another of his book’s main points: the communist left is seeking to “undermine the Founding Fathers” of the United States and destroy the Constitution by gutting it with amendments in favor of “critical race theory” and transgenderism.

The left is also increasingly seeking to impose totalitarianism of thought by rushing to stifle anybody who dares speak about the horror of wokeness.

Cotton didn’t hide that he was still stunned a “rampage” of leftist radicals was allowed to topple statues of America’s heroes, such as Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Ulysses Grant, in 2020.

Cotton emphasized in today’s America, US soldiers are being reprimanded for serving the nation by woke communists advocating “peaceful solutions to international conflicts.”

“This is intentional,” Cotton stated, referring to America’s decline that civilians are sensing, and stressed that the likes of Democratic Presidents Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton routinely worked to destroy US power.

He further described the Democrat Party as being “openly hostile to American power,” and even to America’s sovereignty as a nation in its own right.

The Arkansas senator pointed out how a growing number of Americans are increasingly being terrorized by violent crime in their own neighborhoods, while their freedoms are routinely being stripped on the watch of “Obama’s understudy,” Joe Biden.

Cotton concluded that Democrats are seeking to turn the United States into a “woke dystopia” of totalitarian wokeness, a goal clearly showing they have no love whatsoever for their country.