Senators Exposed Hunter Biden’s Deep Connections With China

Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson have shared investigative material regarding Hunter Biden’s bank accounts with the US attorney of Delaware, David C. Weiss, who is leading the investigation against the first son.

This marks another attempt by both of these conservative senators, who are continuously trying to push the DOJ and the FBI to pursue Hunter Biden’s case with transparency.

More Leads in Hunter Biden’s Case

The bank documents provided by Grassley and Johnson show Hunter Biden had financial ties with a Chinese firm, CEFC, which had connections with the Chinese Communist Party.

According to Republican senators, the content of the document suggests Hunter Biden had deep connections with anti-American governments, which is a worrisome thing for the national security of America.

In their letter, the GOP senators told Weiss that prosecutors are intentionally ignoring their concerns about Hunter Biden by not pursuing an independent criminal probe against the first son.

Furthermore, both senators established they are presenting 200 pages of unedited, exclusive documents, which shows the Biden family was connected with both the civilian and military establishment of China.

Even though CEFC was a private firm until 2018, when the Chinese government overtook it, it still received monetary support from the Chinese Development Bank in 2017, while hiring the employees of other Chinese state-owned companies.

So, the senators believed CEFC was completely submerged in Chinese communism at a time when Hunter Biden was doing business with them.

Republican senators also claimed CEFC’s chairman, Ye Jiangming, tried to do business in America to promote the Chinese government’s goal of strengthening China’s economy and modernization of different state institutions in China, including the army.

Biden Helped His Son in Overseas Business Dealings

Hunter Biden’s connections with Chinese state-owned enterprises were stronger when Joe Biden was the vice president of America, Grassley and Johnson added.

CEFC also donated nearly $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, allegedly to remain in the good books of Obama’s White House.

Meanwhile, Johnson and Grassley likewise revealed Hunter’s connections with another Chinese businessman, Chi Ping Patrick Ho, who worked with Ye. Ho was charged with various crimes, including money laundering and international bribery scandals. 

Even after Ho was charged with different crimes, Hunter Biden continued his relationship with him. In fact, Hunter found it as an opportunity to make more money, the Republican senators continued, and accelerated his efforts to do more business with Ho.

Now, after producing all the evidence against the disgraced first son, Grassley and Johnson asked Weiss if they possess all the material to conduct a fair inquiry against Hunter Biden.

The GOP senators also asked Weiss if they received all the information about Hunter Biden’s laptop, which showed Biden was also involved in the business dealings of his son.

Joe Biden repeatedly claimed he has nothing to do with the personal business of his son. However, Hunter’s laptop suggests he met with his father multiple times before and after meeting foreign nationals for his business activities.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.