Sexist New Regulations Hit Fire Departments

Joining a fire department takes bravery and commitment. The courageous men and women who sign along the dotted line are ready to put their lives on the line to put out fires and save people in the worst situations.

Everybody is an individual and varies in strength and ability. Obviously, some men are weaker than some women, but as a general rule, women are biologically less muscular and of a smaller skeletal frame than men.

Though instead of accepting biological reality, some Democrats are now trying to force fire departments to go ultra-woke.

Going Woke With Sexist New Rules

Democrats in the deep blue state of Connecticut have put forward a bill to massively cut physical fitness standards for woman firefighters. They say doing this will be a big boost to the gender “diversity” of fire departments.

The state law would actually allow females to completely bypass the basic and standard entrance test, which involves wearing 50 pounds and completing an obstacle course within a certain time.

As of this writing, about 10 percent of female candidates pass the test, which is part of why there are fewer female firefighters. Connecticut Democrats, therefore, want to just scrap the requirements and have a second test women could do instead that’s much easier.

In other words, if Democrats introducing this bill get their way, you could call for help in a burning home and have women rushing to the scene who haven’t even hit the most basic requirement of being a firefighter.

Firefighters Respond With Disbelief

Firefighters in Connecticut can’t believe what they’re hearing. We are entering times when physical survival and basic standards come second to wokeness.

As former firefighter Leah DiNapoli says, women who cannot “handle” running and completing obstacles with a 50-pound vest won’t be successful in saving people from burning buildings.

It’s just that simple. Former firefighter union head in New Haven Frank Ricci agrees with her, saying that “socially engineering” things like firefighting is going to cost people their lives.

The Bottom Line

Firefighters have to carry heavy weight that weighs at least 59 pounds. They often are called upon to do difficult tasks. That’s just the nature of the job and it comes in the middle of very stressful situations.

There are many brave female firefighters who deserve our full praise and appreciation, but changing the rules so that more women join fire departments is a very bad idea.

When you do that, you put people’s lives in danger.

You also send a very sexist message to women that they are going to be treated as second-class citizens and have other rules apply to them so the lower bar can hopefully allow them in.

What a bad message to be sending. Everything woke turns to crap.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.