SHOCK POLL Shows What Americans REALLY Think of Biden and Trump

CNBC conducted a survey, asking the American public if they thought President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump should both run in the 2024 presidential election.

Americans Fed Up

The results of the poll revealed the true sentiments of the American public; they want neither to run.

When asked about Trump, 61% stated he should not run for a second time, while 30% expressed support for the idea. When asked the same question regarding Biden, 70% did not support Biden running in 2024, while 19% were in favor.

The public majority has spoken; no to Trump and no to Biden.

A significant percentage within each candidate’s own party preferred their identities not to be included on the ballot, notably 37% of Republicans, 61% of Independents, and 88% of Democrats feel Trump should not run for president in 2024.

Regarding Biden, 57% of Democrats, 66% of Independents, and 88% of Republicans believe the same thing – he shouldn’t attempt to run in 2024.

A huge factor counting against Biden is his age, as he recently turned 80 years old. Of the participants, 47% of those older than 50 cited his age as their primary concern, while 43% of those under the age of 50 listed this as their reason for not wanting him to run.

Only 8% of participants are concerned about Trump’s age. Trump is 76 years old. Biden faces challenges other than just age according to statistics.

Despite a stronger-than-anticipated performance by Democrats in House elections and a number of legislative achievements, Biden’s general support dropped to 41% from 46% in the October poll, as his disapproval grew to 54% from 50%.

The president’s economic approval fell from 40% to 38%, while disapproval increased to 57%.


20% of the population believes the Biden administration’s attempts to reduce rising prices are beneficial, a five-point drop from October.

28% think they are detrimental, a two-point drop, and 49% say they don’t believe a difference has been made,  this is a seven-point increase.

The survey showed widespread pessimism about the economy and its prospects, with only 14% of respondents rating the economy as good or outstanding, the lowest number since 2013.

Public Displeased With Biden Administration

With regard to Congress’ top objectives, Americans are remarkably unified: they want legislators to address rising prices. 87% of the population believes it ought to hold the top post and both parties and Independents agree.

The reduction of deficits and expenditures is the second most important concern for the general public, Republicans, and Independents, respectively. However, only 47% of Democrats believe it ought to be a concern for Congress, as opposed to 84% of Republicans.

Democrats rank abortion rights protection as their second top importance. 72% of Democrats selected it, but only 39% of Independents and 17% of Republicans.

Moreover, 68% of Republicans believe an investigation into the Biden administration ought to take preference, as opposed to 38% of Independents and 12% of Democrats.

Republicans value border protection more than Democrats. Democrats wholeheartedly support Congress sending assistance to Ukraine, which is not a Republican focus.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.