Biden Clears Himself of All Wrong Doing

During a July 2020 book appearance, President Biden’s DHS misinformation head, Nina Jankowicz, justified Hunter Biden’s unethical connections with Burisma Holdings.

She called the Biden heir, who is known for drug habit and peddling influence, a “foreign specialist.”

Clear Corruption

From 2014 through 2019, Hunter served on the board of the Ukrainian Burisma Holdings corporation.

Joe Biden served as VP and ran for president in the 2020 electoral cycle. As a management board member, Hunter was paid $83,000 a month, raising suspicions about whether Hunter was selling power to his dad in the Obama regime.

Biden and his team have denied any wrongdoing in his son’s business affairs at least seven times. However, evidence suggests Biden was at least eleven times engaged in Hunter’s financial dealings.

Despite this, Jankowicz believed Hunter’s business model was legal and there was no need to be concerned.

She chatted with Jane Lytvynenk of BuzzFeed News. The following comments begin at 42:23 in the video:

“The claim is Hunter Biden was engaged in some wrongdoing of that corporation while participating on the boards of a Ukrainian business, which you know he is permitted to do.”

“He was not the only international expert working on the management of a Ukrainian company. This business has been under investigation for quite some time. The company is Burisma.”

“There has never been any evidence that Hunter Biden was engaged in anything illegal. Given his role, there are doubts about if he should have accepted that board position.”

“However, that’s not something Joe Biden can control. Joe Biden’s views regarding Ukraine is nothing to do with it.”

How Can He Get Away With This?

“It’s been suggested that Joe Biden postponed aid to Ukraine in order to resolve the Burisma inquiry and keep his son out of the spotlight. It’s just a bunch of crap.”

The probe issue was shut at a time when Biden was playing a carrot and stick routine with Ukraine. So many politicians do this in order to get some financial changes and anti-corruption legislation passed.

There is a slew of other charges that aren’t worth rehashing.

Joe Biden was photographed playing with Hunter, as well as Devon Archer, Hunter’s fellow top executive for Ukrainian gas firm Burisma, in 2014. Forgery has landed Archer in prison.

Jankowicz’s remarks were before she was Biden’s Ministry of Truth or “Disinformation Governance Board” chairwoman.

According to Reuters: The image was initially introduced in September 2019 by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight.

The portrait was taken in the Hamptons alongside Devon Archer, a former business partner of Hunter Biden on the boards of Burisma.

According to a person close to Archer, the shot was taken in August 2014. A fourth individual in the photograph has yet to be recognized.

He is neither Burisma’s CEO, Taras Burdeinyi, nor its creator, Mykola Zlochevsky.