Concentration Camps for the Unvaxxed!

According to a recent poll, over half of Democrat voters support legislation mandating the unvaccinated to reside in “specified facilities or places” for rejecting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Members of the Public Who Support This

A national phone and internet survey from the Heartland Research and Rasmussen Research indicated 45 percent of probable Democrat voters would approve such actions for unvaccinated individuals.

The poll, which was taken on January 5 and published on January 13, also indicated 59 percent of voters support a governmental policy requiring residents who refuse to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine to “stay restricted to their houses at all times.”

According to the poll, nearly half of Democrat voters believe those who publicly dispute the efficiency of existing COVID-19 vaccinations on social media, television, audio, or in online and digital newspapers should be fined or imprisoned.

Meanwhile, according to the poll, 29 percent of probable Democrat voters favor temporarily withdrawing families’ custody of children if they decline to accept COVID-19 immunization.

In the United States, no such punishments have been imposed for those who have not been fully immunized against COVID-19. Nevertheless, in other countries, those who have not been fully immunized against COVID-19 may face fines.

Greece made immunization mandatory for individuals over the age of 60. Older persons who do not get immunized will face fines, which will begin with a fee of 50 euros ($57) in January and increase to a monthly punishment of 100 euros ($114) afterward.

The fines will be gathered via the tax office, with the cash used to fund public hospitals, according to health minister Thanos Plevris. Plevris told independent Open TV on Sunday “the age element is crucial for its effect on public healthcare.”

This is Unreal

Last week, Austria’s minister of health said the government will levy penalties of up to 3,600 euros (about $4,000) on those who refuse to comply with a COVID-19 vaccine requirement, which the government will implement in February for all inhabitants aged 14 and up.

Unvaccinated individuals in Quebec province will be fined if they do not have a medical waiver from taking the COVID-19 vaccination.

Premier Francois Legault of the French-speaking region declared on January 11 that adult citizens who do not apply for exceptions will face a financial penalty. He feels not getting vaccinated has negative effects on the healthcare system.

The statement last week represents the first time in Canada that a government announced a monetary punishment for anyone who declines to be immunized against COVID-19.

“Those who fail to receive their initial medicines during the next few weeks will be required to pay a new health fee,” Legault stated.

“The vast majority demands there be repercussions. It’s a matter of justice for the 90% of the population who have made some concessions. We owe them something.”

Legault didn’t go into detail about the monetary fine, but indicated it would be “substantial.”