Shocking New Details Emerge in Paul Pelosi Attack

The attack on Paul Pelosi last Friday shocked the nation. We heard how a man broke into the home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, demanding to know where she was, and then attacked her 82-year-old husband Paul.

Pelosi managed to go to the bathroom and call 911 from there, being treated at the hospital for serious injuries; his attacker David DePape, 42, got arrested.

The San Francisco police and FBI have been investigating, but questions immediately came up about how this man broke into a house that’s guarded by security and cameras.

Cameras Weren’t Being Watched?

According to authorities, security cameras outside the Pelosi residence were not being watched at the time DePape allegedly broke a window and jumped inside the home.

This is the house of the third most powerful person in the United States. Yet, we are supposed to believe security cameras monitored by the Capitol Police remotely were being unwatched?

This brings up a bitter aftertaste and echoes of the situation with the alleged “suicide” of child predator and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. He died in a top-security Manhattan prison while the cameras were allegedly turned off by mistake.

What are the chances! These people have the technology and facial recognition software to track down every single person who took a selfie inside the Capitol on January 6. Yet, they forgot to watch the home of the Speaker of the House and so her husband got mauled by a hammer-wielding conspiracy theorist.

These security cameras were put in almost a decade ago and are part of keeping the power couple safe. As for the physical security, the guards allegedly went back to DC with Nancy when she left several days earlier, leaving Paul vulnerable to DePape’s deranged assault.

Here’s the Thing…

There are cameras all around the Pelosi residence; there’s no reason they wouldn’t be observed live by authorities.

Also, on the initial 911 call, why was DePape referred to as a “friend” by Pelosi to police? Was he just trying to smooth over the situation or did he somehow know him from somewhere?

DePape was a far left conspiracy theorist (who the liberal media claims is MAGA) and nudism activist, who was well-known for his antics throughout the San Francisco area and is also accused of sex abuse by his step-daughter.

DePape Charged

He’s been charged with trying to kidnap Paul, elder abuse, and attempted harm of a federal authority through harming their family. Though it’s still very unclear exactly what went on here.

Authorities say they will bulk up security at Pelosi’s home, but it looks to all the world like there already was plenty of it.

Why was Pelosi at home without any security? Questions need to be answered and the American people deserve the truth about this highly-bizarre incident.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.