Shocking New Ties Exposed Between Hunter Biden and America’s Enemies

For four years, the media and the left did nothing but accuse President Trump of working with Russia. They said he was part of a twisted conspiracy to overthrow democracy by working with Vladimir Putin.

These claims turned out to be false and based on doctored intelligence obtained from untrustworthy sources, as is now being fully exposed in the Durham investigation.

The truth is the real ties with Russia and shadowy foreign oligarchs and interests are much more on the other side: the Democrats.

Now, an especially troubling case of working with Russia has come up involving President Biden’s disturbed son, Hunter Biden.

Hunter Takes Big Payout From Family of Russian Oligarch

You may recall that Yelena Baturina paid Hunter $3.5 million for his advice as a supposed “consultant.” Whereas now it’s come out she also placed $40 million into Hunter’s real estate corporation.

Baturina, the widow of the former mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, ranks among the very wealthiest individuals in Russia and is a multi-billionaire.

She paid out the $40 billion to Hunter’s venture as part of his plan to develop over two million square feet of business properties in multiple US cities.

Baturina’s money came via Inteco AG, a European company that she owns which specializes in building and plastic manufacture.

The previous exposure of the $3.5 million payout was just the tip of the iceberg. Baturina wanted to get more traction inside the US, making money off American ventures and hoping that her chunk via Inteco could go through Hunter’s company and make that happen.

Hunter profited from this money and used it to power his purchase of various office locations throughout the US from Oklahoma to Colorado.

So What’s the Big Deal?

The big deal is Baturina paid much more money than Hunter needed for the investment at that exact time in 2012; it makes this look more like she was trying to curry favor with the Biden family and US Democrat insiders as a whole.

The second big deal is we have heard nothing but hyperventilating about Russia and Russian oligarchs for years now. According to our media, Joe Biden and his cronies, anything remotely associated with Russia is pure evil and treasonous.

So what about this huge payout by a high-up oligarch insider who’s one of the richest women in Russia?

We’re supposed to believe Hunter is just some poor kid who can’t get his life together; yet, he was making quite savvy deals like his basically laundering money for oligarchs inside the US?

Something doesn’t add up.

Hunter and Biden’s brother, James Biden, made millions of dollars when he was VP under Obama by selling his favor to foreign investors including in China and Russia. Though the Biden DOJ shows no interest in investigating further.

We all know why: it’s the president’s brother and son. The conflict of interest could not be more clear!

Here’s the Point

This demands a full investigation.

Our national security is at stake. The extent of Hunter’s (and James’) actions of taking foreign money to peddle influence need to be fully investigated down to the very last detail.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.