SHOCKING: Social Worker Encourages Underage Girl to Hide Gender Transition from Parents

Here is yet another incident that the left asserts is not occurring in America…

A mother in Damariscotta, Maine has demanded the dismissal of multiple public school administrators after learning a caseworker had begun assisting her daughter to “socially transition” to the opposite gender without her knowledge.

Social Workers Don’t Get Consent

In a passionate address to the school board, Amber Lavigne alleged a social worker from the Central Lincoln County School System (CLCSS) at Great Salt Bay Community School in Damariscotta gave her daughter a chest binder.

This is a gender-transitioning gadget that the worker advised the young girl to hide from her mom and dad.

Lavigne stated she had not encountered Samuel Roy, the social worker, and was unaware school workers were discreetly attempting to put her daughter on the route to gender transformation.

Other school administrators also assisted in the little girl’s social shift, addressing her with masculine pronouns.

Lavigne was informed that her daughter was visiting a school-based social worker. In October, though, she was sent to Roy, a young professional.

Based on the investigation, she stated “the chest binder was delivered just under two weeks after her child first met Roy.”

The mother felt more enraged upon learning all staff members engaged in the case will retain their positions, despite their efforts to move her daughter without her consent.

“Under no conditions can she have been given a chest binder without her parent’s knowledge,” said Lavigne during the school board meeting.

Chris Coleman, a teacher in the school system, spoke after Lavigne and supported the rule, which was not unexpected. He said opponents of this approach “determined our transgender students do not deserve to feel at ease at school” and the word “groomer” was derogatory to educators.

In the past, school authorities in Maine have “denied supplying gender-transitioning items such as chest binders to public school pupils of any age,” according to the report.

As both parents and school districts struggle over the education and advocacy of transgender doctrine in the classrooms, instances like Lavigne’s have emerged as a hot-button topic in the state.

Last month, it was revealed that the state’s Department of Education was contemplating enabling school personnel to assist adolescents with gender dysphoria in converting to the opposite gender before alerting or discussing with parents.

Policy is Harmful to the Family

As a result of the national discussion on transgender doctrine in public schools, school districts all over the country have adopted similar policies.

In areas such as Wisconsin, California and New York, schools advise instructors to hide gender identities from families.

In many instances, instructors and school personnel are obligated to mislead parents about these issues unless the child gives their approval.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.