Shutdowns Now Linked to Massive Increases in Poverty

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The perception of shutdowns in America is greatly linked to the partisan views of the individual.

Liberal and left-wing Americans are more likely to support shutdowns; in spite of the adverse economic consequences, increases in mental health problems, domestic violence surges, etc., Democrats continue to enact and support lockdowns.

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Conservative and right-wing Americans largely have the precise opposite views of shutdowns in the United States. Republicans continue to raise awareness about the dangerous effects of locking people down and blocking the flow of economic and social interactions.

Now, fresh studies are only confirming the deep ties between shutdowns and surges in poverty, according to Townhall.

How Shutdowns are Increasing Poverty Across America

A recently-conducted study found that almost eight million U.S. citizens succumbed to poverty during summertime. Coincidentally, this is around the period that communities across the nation were experiencing ongoing shutdowns and closures of businesses.

According to James X. Sullivan, a study analyst and author, the aforementioned climb in poverty in America is the greatest since the inception of tracking poverty six decades ago. Studies furthermore confirm that while stimulus checks temporarily held off immediate declines into poverty, these declines eventually happened anyway.

The findings from this latest study are in keeping with a warning from the World Health Organization (WHO). Weeks ago, the body warned that lockdowns have the most devastating impacts on low-income people who are already suffering.

Despite this, Democrat politicians have continued to proceed with shutting down their economies.

Putting an End to Lockdowns in America

Between legal challenges and various displays of noncompliance, many Americans are eager to put an end to poverty-inducing, job-killing shutdowns.

This is why some restaurants in California are in defiance of their left-wing governor’s orders to only provide takeout and delivery orders. Instead of following this, some restaurant owners have taken it upon themselves to serve customers outside, albeit with social distancing involved.

Conservatives have long warned that there’s only so long leaders can expect Americans to stay shut down. Polls surveying people’s views on lockdowns shows that they’ve become less and less popular with time. Fewer individuals are willing to comply with them as time passes.

What do you make of the study which ties lockdowns to massive jumps in poverty? What do you think it will take to put an end to shutdowns once and for all? Let us know in the comments section below!